Reasons Behind the Popularity Of Ziptrak Blinds

A South Australian company originally designed Ziptrak blinds. That is why naturally, you would find the blinds tailor-made to suit the Australian weather conditions. It has become a big hit on the whole Australian continent. Now you might be asking yourself why the architects behind them took so much pain to design them. One of the major reasons behind such pain was their commitment to not leaving any gaps between the exterior and the interior. They also considered something that would be very convenient and easy to operate.

Though ziptrak blinds were invented in Australia, they are a popular choice in Europe today. It is that single-blind system that is dominating the European markets. Probably its technology is what has appealed to consumers all over the world.

Are Ziptrak Blinds Good?

Ziptrak blinds in recent times have become a popular choice among users worldwide. From being invented in Australia and gaining popularity, they have become popular even in faraway Europe. There must be something to it that makes it the ideal choice among millions of people. That is why we will now discover the reason behind their popularity for understanding their trend effectively.

  • They help you enjoy more time outdoors instead of being cooped up at home. Even if you are outside, you can still enjoy the controlled weather outside because you are tightly locked under those blinds. Yet you get to enjoy the temperature, flow of air, and light effects.
  • Ziptrak blinds allow you the benefit of adding another room to your home. They create the space of another room but under the sky. They can be custom-made depending upon your choice.
  • You might think operating is difficult, and the technology is quite challenging. On the contrary, it is not. Operation is simple and usage easier. They can be motorized if required, which makes them super convenient.
  • And if you talk about its longevity, even there, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Ziptrak blinds quality and durability are appreciable; It is suitable for all weather types if that is what you call longevity. It is built so it can withstand all weather conditions.
  • Its design is extremely sleek and trendy. They come in different colors; some are powder-coated to increase longevity.

The Merits of Installing Ziptrak Blinds

If ziptrak blinds have appealed to your senses after reading about the reason for their popularity, the next thing that must be on your mind would be the system’s merits. Here are all the merits through which you go through to understand them efficiently: –

  • No matter your season, it is all the same for you. The atmosphere in the space between the ziptrak blinds is controlled because it provides excellent protection from the elements of nature. You can install outdoor furniture, which will remain intact throughout its lifetime.
  • Their strong design, structure, and materials make them the right option. You can be assured that your ziptrak blinds are built to last a long time.
  • With a specified amount of space being enclosed, it gives you the benefit of adding another room to your house.
  • Pests are kept in control because of the enclosed space.
  • Due to being covered up, they are completely energy efficient.
  • It is naturally very appealing to the eyes as they are designed keeping the latest trends in mind.

Added Features to Ziptrak Blinds

Here are all the features that would make you install ziptrak blinds in your home: –

  • The blinds are kept tightly locked from top to bottom.
  • It is very simple and safe to operate.
  • It is either automatic or manual.
  • They can be locked tight from the outside world.
  • The vertical tracks are secured tightly so they do not bang in windy weather.
  • You can seamlessly integrate the racks into your architecture and maintain the aesthetics.

How Much Do Ziptrak Blinds Cost?

If you are interested in buying Ziptrak outdoor blinds, you may wonder how much outdoor blinds actually cost.

On average, Ziptrak Blinds cost between $800 to $12,000, depending on the wide-area and built quality.


Hopefully, this article is enough for you to understand the popularity of ziptrak blinds and their effective installation in your home.

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