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Bathroom Remodel Ideas – After living in the same home for a quite long time, some parts of it could get a bit dull. The bathroom is a good example. Being in contact with water almost every day can make the bathroom look pale and outdated. Of course, you can use bathroom cleaning products to make it shine again. However, there is one thing that you cannot fix with that: the design.

The outdated bathroom design needs a remodel. Bathroom remodel can add value to your home and upgrade its overall style. Moreover, a bathroom renovation allows you to customize or even add new fixtures and amenities to improve the bathroom experience. After all, we all need a bathroom that can both reflect our personal style and deliver a cozy atmosphere.

How much should you spend on a bathroom remodel?

The thing about doing a bathroom remodel that scares people the most is, of course, the cost. There is no other room in the house that costs more money to remodel than the bathroom. The main reason why it costs more is that the bathroom has quite various functionality and amenities, such as plumbing and electrical wiring. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that it doesn’t only cost more, but it also needs more work.

On average, most homeowners spend between $5,993 and $14,983 on bathroom remodel. However, those numbers are entirely controllable. Some homeowners can spend as little as $3,500 to $7,000 on remodeling small or medium-sized bathrooms. Also, the budget can further be lowered if you have the skills to do the renovation yourself since labor cost averages 50% of the total project.

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Although earlier we said that bathroom remodel costs more than other rooms’, that doesn’t mean cheap remodel is impossible. There are plenty of ways to minimize the cost of renovating your bathroom. However, we’re only going to deep dive into the three that have the most significant effects.

Choose low-cost materials

The materials for average bathroom remodels cost anywhere between $2,100 to $9,000. To make sure you get the best price point, you need to do a little research. Try to break down the material price individually to help you determine the best choice to invest your time and money. 

Keeping your current materials is always the best option to keep the renovation budget low. But if you need to swap them out, try to spend a little time looking for inexpensive alternatives. Because sometimes, they can look very similar to the real thing.

Take vinyl flooring, for example. There have been plenty of innovations of vinyl flooring today. Some of them, like luxury vinyl flooring, can look very similar to plank vinyl from a distance. Other good examples are high definition laminate countertops and quartz countertops that can mimic the look of authentic natural stone very well. Deep pour epoxy countertops are also durable and an excellent choice for bathrooms

Design by yourself

As we said earlier, labor costs tend to double your bathroom remodel budget. Although hiring qualified designers is often great, bathrooms are not as complicated as large kitchens or whole-house remodels. Therefore, it’s better to design your bathroom remodel yourself. Sources like the National Kitchen and Bath Association can give you basic bathroom design guidelines for you to learn and get


Install the toilet by yourself

If you need to swap out your old toilet with a new one, you should think about its installation. Toilet installation requires very few waterline hookups. The only challenge in installing a new toilet is moving the toilet into place. Therefore, instead of hiring plumbers to install your new toilet, you can install the toilet yourself. If you find it hard to do it by yourself, a hand truck or a friend should be your first option for help.

Mid Century modern bathroom remodel ideas

Another essential step in bathroom remodeling is choosing a new style. It’s not necessary to change the current style if you still love it, though. However, if you ever need to change it, mid-century modern is worth a try. It generally involves honest use of materials, clean and simple lines, gentle curves, and it doesn’t include decorative embellishments. Here are some of our favorite mid-century modern bathrooms.

Double Vanity Bathroom

Simplicity is the main point of mid-century modern styles, including this one. This bathroom uses minimal colors in it to make it clean and straightforward. Moreover, gold accents and curvy shapes in some parts of the bathroom add a bit of glamorous vibe. Apart from the full window on one side of the room, this remodel also uses a potted plant to bring a fresh atmosphere. Also, this remodel design includes a double teak vanity to create a natural vibe.

Classy Style

This bathroom remodel approaches mid-century modern style differently. It incorporates elements from other styles, such as a dark teak dresser and a carpet with patterns in it. These elements blend very well with the rest of the room and create a warm and classy style. Lastly, this bathroom finishes the design by including a few decorative plants into it.

Maximizing the Small Space

Not all homeowners have large or medium-sized bathrooms to pull off the mid-century modern design. This bathroom remodel offers a design solution for small-sized bathrooms. It uses bright colors and includes multiple windows to make the bathroom feel larger. Furthermore, despite its limited space, it managed to provide an exclusive space for plants to keep the room feel airy and fresh.

Modern Touch

This bathroom remodel is the answer if you’re looking for a modern design. The key to pulling off the contemporary design is to combine bright colors with strong ones while keeping it minimal and not overwhelming. This remodel combines white with dark brown and black as a background. Moreover, this remodel uses hexagonal tiles for the floor and a clear glass panel for the shower area to build a strong modern look.

Small bathroom remodel Ideas

Small bathrooms are a little bit tricky to remodel. If not appropriately renovated, they can feel narrow and stuffy. You might need to learn and absorb more design inspirations to be able to pull off a great small bathroom remodel. Therefore, we already collected some of our favorite tiny bathroom ideas below.

White and Blue Combination

Although it’s small, this bathroom remodel looks gorgeously refreshing. It combines the strong navy blue color with clean white and gold accents to achieve a classy look. It also managed to add some decorative items on the empty wall to enhance the look. Furthermore, to make the room feel spacious, it uses a small freestanding sink, a large mirror, and multiple light sources.

Add some Hanging Planters

This small bathroom remodel is pretty straightforward. It applies the all-white color scheme to it to make the limited space feel roomier. Not only that, but it also includes a sliding window to provide fresh air and sunlight every morning. The hanging planters also enhance the freshness in the room. And last but not least, it managed to combine the shower and the bathtub into one area to save space. It’s undeniably a great choice for people who look for small bathroom ideas with tub.

Green Vanity

This bathroom remodel is the solution if you want to make your small bathroom look simple and modern. It involves a sink, a faucet, and a toilet that looks sleek and unconventional. Moreover, the bezel-less mirror, the green vanity, and the small plant bring the look to a new level that it feels invigorating.

Minimalist bathroom

Staying minimal is the best way to make a successful small bathroom remodel. This remodel only includes necessary fixtures, amenities, and a few useful decorations. Also, it combines teak vanity and floral decoration to create a revitalizing atmosphere. Lastly, the placement of the light source is also perfect for providing even lighting across the room.

Vintage Bathroom Remodel ideas

Old-fashion style can also be a charming one. Many people love the vintage style because of its casual yet romantic nature and its budget-friendliness. Here are our favorite ideas for pulling off a vintage bathroom remodel if you are looking for them.

Photo Collage

Photos are commonly known as media to capture memorable moments. And, displaying those photos is one of the most common ways to create a vintage look. It will allow anyone who visits the bathroom to feel a unique and warm atmosphere. Moreover, it will make even a small bathroom feel comforting.

Vintage Ambiance

Pulling off the vintage design is a little bit tricky. If you throw in too many vintage items, the bathroom will feel outdated. Therefore, it’s important to keep just enough vintage items in it. This bathroom is a great example. It has a few vintage-looking things like the cabinet and the rug, but the rest of it still looks recent.

Vintage Rug

Throwing a vintage rug can also emphasize the look of your vintage bathroom remodel. It can be the focal point of your new bathroom that adds a unique and friendly atmosphere. However, it would help if you found a rug that has the material that is suitable for a bathroom.

Rustic Looks

Implementing rustic looks can also be another way to create a vintage bathroom remodel. The best way to achieve a rustic look is to add teak furniture and make a stonewall structure visible. Furthermore, you can also use wooden planks for the floor and add antique items to improve the look.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

What is considered a master bathroom? There is some definition regarding master bathroom terms. A master bathroom, according to Wikipedia, should be at least have a shower and a bathtub which is adjoining to the largest bedroom in the house or master bedroom.

When you are trying to remodel your bathroom, many design options available such as Victorian, Mediterranean, Modern, Rustic, Bohemian, etc. For the parts, you can add claw-foot or whirlpool tubs as the bathroom centerpiece. Other elegant feature can include high-end floor tiles, separated/private toilet area, classic wood cabinets, or even cozy fireplace.

Victorian Master Bathroom

Victorian bathrooms are popular with their elegant elements found in the Victorian era grand homes. These may include elements such as tufted benches and gold or silver mirror frames. In general, design for Victorian bathrooms focuses on beauty, elegance and comfort.

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Do not confuse a small master bathroom with a powder room. A small master bathroom has more than just a sink and toilet. To achieve such a look, you can mix wooden material with modern furniture. To make it better, add a green decorative plant to freshen the ambiance in the room.

Modern Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

source: interiorsolutionsbymary

Here you can see how the designer turned the old and dark bathroom into a modern, bright modern bathroom. The client of interiorsolutionsbymary even gave the sweetest review that ended with, “I feel like I’m at the SPA every time I walk into my beautiful new bathroom!!!”

RV Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Up until this point, we only talk about bathroom designs for home. Home is not the only place that can have a bathroom. Many recreational vehicles also have their own bathrooms. However, remodeling an RV bathroom comes with all sorts of challenges, such as limited space and a complicated plumbing system. Although we can’t give you tips on the RV plumbing system solution, we provide four RV bathroom remodel ideas to make your journey cozier.

Modern Mobile Home Bathroom

This RV bathroom remodel is an excellent choice for people who adore the modern design. Its streamlined and straightforward design managed to make the most out of the limited space. Furthermore, the wood accent, the decorative plants, and the window give such a small room a breath of fresh air to avoid claustrophobic feeling.

Simple and Clean

Sometimes to make a small room feel roomier is to keep everything simple and clean. This remodel is a perfect example of what a simple and clean RV bathroom should look like. Its concise yet complete package is all you need on your journey. Also, the sleek design will make the bathroom much easier to take care of. Undoubtedly, this can also be an excellent pick for people who look for very small bathroom ideas.

Bathroom with Shower Ideas

Many people prefer to have a shower than a bathtub in their RV. Not only because showers require less space, but they also help people to clean themselves quicker and to conserve water. Installing a shower stall or a shower curtain in the RV can save water even more and keep the surrounding area dry. The only difference between the two is the interior design preference.

Spacious Vanity

If you want your RV bathroom remodel to look classy, this design may suit you. It uses many varnished wood materials in the room to make it elegant. Furthermore, it includes two bezel-less mirrors and applies some artistic accents on the walls to improve the overall look. Although they all look amazing, you may need a medium or large-sized RV to pull off this design.


In conclusion, a bathroom remodel can add value to your home and makes it better to adapt to current trends. Not only that, but a renovated bathroom can also adapt to your current needs and design preference. It will refresh the vibe in your home and make it more comfortable to live in. Although we provided plenty of tips and design recommendations, feel free to find more ideas out there. After all, the goal is not to find the best bathroom remodels. Try to combine and experiment with a bunch of ideas to get the one design that is ideal and unique to you – Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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