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Bonus Room Ideas – You might wonder what to do with an extra space you have, but the dimensions are just too awkward, small, or an uncommon place. Due to this condition, the room might create confusion. For me, it is a challenge to find an alternative way to turn a space into a bright, lively place where we can do a lot of activities. The bonus rooms are usually found at the attic, the garage, or any other places. Here I gather the best ideas to decorate your bonus room from making a small library, home theater, kids playing room, or even a family room.

1. Home Library Ideas

We have a lot of books and do not have a place to store them, so our bonus room might be the right answer for the matter. We can store the book under the stairs or in the attic. Just make sure you can make it a cozy place because reading activities need a place where you can relax and focus. Check the ideas below!

A. Under Stairs Home Library


Under the stairs are barely used or designated rooms for living activity. But we can turn it into a small library room where we can store and read our book collections freely.

B. Attic Home Library

bonus room design

Another place where empty space is often found is the Attic. We only need to think about where we should put the bookshelf and make it fit to the space.

2. Small Home Office

cool bonus room ideas

Whether you are working from home or an employee, you need a place to generate the best inspiration and boost your creativity. A homework space is not always a big room or a designated room. It can be a small room next to your bedroom, living room, or if you have one, the bonus room!  Turning the bonus room into a convenient home office needs extra effort and indeed, ideas. From a minimalist, colorful, or modern theme to an exotic and natural theme, you can choose it according to your taste.

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3. Kids Playroom Ideas

Most of the time, we do not include a playroom when designing our house. But if we have a bonus room, I think it will be great if we create a designated playing room for the kids. Kids need an area where they can play and do whatever they like. Designing and decorating the little space for the little one is something the parents should be aware of. Whatever bonus room ideas you are designed, you must consider the safety and convenience.

4. Game Room Ideas

game room

Having a game room in your house might be tempting but you do not have the space or it might be incompatible with the design of your house. Why don’t you use the extra space to make one? These bonus room ideas can be done simply by decorating the room with the games you like, whether it is a video game or billiard court. Inviting your friend for the game night also will be really fun. But first, you need the room!

5. Home Gym Ideas

small home gym ideas

To accommodate the numerous workout position and to store the various equipment, a fitness room need to be extra spacious. However, sometimes the room available in our house cannot facilitate it perfectly. The alternative is only using the equipment we need for the workout activity. It is a great bonus room idea to create a personal gym in our house so we can workout and whenever we want.

6. Attic bedroom ideas

bedroom ideas for small rooms

Maximizing our bonus room can be done by creating a bunk room for the adults, kids, or guests. Designing the bunk bed is not only all about maximizing the space but also selecting the right ideas to make it comfortable.

For example, having a guest room in our attic might save some space while also providing a little privacy is a good idea.

7. Small Media Room

small media room

Home theater is another great idea to maximize your bonus room. Building a home theater is not uncommon in years, yet it is getting popular. The most important things to consider for every home theater are the light and the sound. These two factors are essential for whatever place you choose for the location.

The size of the bonus room will determine the monitor or projector we will use, the sofa we will choose, and the audio we will install. The room must be designed as comfortable as possible as we will sit there for several hours.

A good choice for furniture will be leather zero gravity chairs so everyone can relax and enjoy movies in comfort. 

8. Study Room Ideas

Study Room

Kids need their personal space where they can read, study, or do their school projects. The study room can be one separate room or just another part of their bedroom. There are some ideas to make the room more attractive, including the room color combination, the floor build, the fun shelves, and the chair and table comfort.

Decorating the room with the right color combination can bring a good mood to the room. Adding comfortable carpet to the floor is also a good idea. Sometimes when the kids are tired of sitting on the chair, they lie on the floor. The shelves, besides as a place to store the stuff, can be designed to make the learning spirit better. The most important one is the chair and table. Make sure it fits the height of the user otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable.

9. Home Music Studio

home studio design

If music is your hobby, or your work includes music as part of the job, then having your personal music room is a great idea. When it comes to converting your bonus room into a music room or music studio, it is not merely putting the music stuff together, but also thinking about the design and aesthetic. Since the room doesn’t always be spacious, we need the ideas to make it fit perfectly.

10. Living Room on a Budget Ideas

family room ideas

Well, it might be an uncommon one, but the bonus room can also be turned into a family room. The challenge is designing a room where the whole family would be happy to spend their time together. It would be a waste if we built the room but the purpose is not achieved, right?

Even though the room is located up there in the attic, for example, we can decorate it to make it comfortable. The first thing is choosing the right furniture. The furniture can be chosen based on the family’s hobbies. If the family like to watch movie, then you can create a family home theater. A game room is also another option when the family like to play games together. But if you want a room to sit and relax with family, these sample images might be a good inspiration for you.

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