Make Boondocking Camping More Comfortable With These 8 Ideas

Boondocking Camping – It’s getting close to summer, which means that more and more people will be spending time on camping trips. Camping is one of the best ways to get back to nature, but it can also be a stressful experience if you’re not prepared. One of the most common frustrations among first-time and experienced campers alike is figuring out how to stay comfortable while boondocking camping or dry camping without hookups. When you can dry camp, you open up many opportunities for locations to visit. You can also find remote camping spots that are sometimes free when you know how to boondock. Here are some tips for making your boondocking trip more comfortable:

Install an RV Awning

Putting in an RV awning can help you get more shade. It keeps the sun off your RV and can improve how cool the interior of your RV stays. It provides a nice spot where you can hang out outside as well. Plus, when paired with a screen, you can also keep the bugs out. RV awnings don’t always come standard, but you can buy one and hire a professional to install it. This is good news, especially if yours gets damaged and you need a replacement.

Invest in Good Batteries – Boondocking Camping

People who boondock don’t necessarily go without electricity. They just don’t plug into an outlet while they are camping. If you’re boondocking without any power sources around, then having a good set of deep-cycle batteries can mean the difference between being able to cook dinner or having to eat cold canned goods for dinner. RVs have specific energy needs, and you can meet them with the right size and number of batteries. Ensure they are fully charged before heading out on your camping weekend. You can even ask a professional for recommendations based on your RV size.

Good quality deep cycle marine batteries cost more than standard car batteries but they last longer, are less likely to break down over time, and give better performance under heavy loads like running lights and appliances inside an RV trailer space.

Use Solar Power

Solar panels are easier to get than ever before. A good solar system for your RV can help you camp almost anywhere. Not only can you use solar power to run your electricity during the day, but you can also use solar power to charge batteries. This helps you power appliances, water pumps, fans, and even the air conditioner. This makes for a more comfortable RV camping experience, even if you are far from modern amenities and campgrounds.

Don’t Use the RV Toilet

Depending on how long you plan to boondock and how far you are from a waste dump site, you may need to figure out options for using the bathroom aside from always flushing the RV toilet while boondocking camping. There are some guidelines for using the bathroom out in nature while camping. This can not only extend the life of your water supply in your RV, but it can also ensure that you don’t run out of space in the black water tank before you are ready to leave your boondocking spot.

Cook Outside on a Fire

Cooking heats an RV very quickly. You can make it more comfortable by cooking outside whenever possible. Whether you cook on a camp stove or light a big fire, you can make cooking fun and social. It can be a learning experience for the whole family and a great way to make friends with your neighbors. You’ll also use fewer resources like propane and electricity when you cook on the fire. Plus, it’s fun for the whole family when you can easily grill hot dogs, marshmallows, and other foods on the fire. Just ensure enough water is on hand to put out the flames when you are done properly.

Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables in Advance

Another strategy to make boondocking easier is washing your produce before you head out. Why does this matter? You only have so much water you can haul in the clean tank. Washing before leaving allows you to conserve water, making it simpler to grab a snack or prep food for meals when you are ready.

Take Quick Showers

Learning how to shower more quickly when you are boondocking is important. Some people get just wet enough to be able to soap up; then they turn off the water when they are putting on the soap. Turn on the water to rinse, and you are done. This strategy is very effective for water conservation when boondocking in your RV. Another option is to use a bucket to wash your dishes.

Fill Your Water Before You Head Out

You need a full water take before you head out. You can easily make boondocking more comfortable when you know you will have enough water for your trip. Make sure you use clean, potable water to ensure that nothing bad ends up in your tank – Boondocking Camping

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