DIY Calendar and Planner Ideas (New Year Resolution Planner)

DIY Planner – New year is coming! Therefore, this is the time for many people to set their resolution for 2020. By way of example, people are going to make deadline for their new achievements in 2020. For instance, they will make a list  for what they want to achieve in 2020. In the new year euphoria, many markets, institutions, and other public services will give you free wall or desk calendar. Although you can get the calendar for free, you may try to make your own calendar. Alternatively, creating your own calendar that fit your taste will help you to be more spirited achieving your goals.

DIY calendar printable

One of the easiest ways on creating your own calendar is by browsing to internet and finding the theme that you like. In order to make your own calendar, you can choose every theme that fit with your taste and print it anyway. Here are some examples of your printable calendar.

Birthday Card Ideas

Floral Calendar

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Kids Printable Calendar

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Kids have a lot of amazing imagination that can help you to make colorful calendar. Hence, the personal touch from your kids will make your calendar feel more alive. It will not only be an amazing calendar that you will have, but also bring fun for your kids when they are coloring the blank calendar.

DIY calendar planner

If you have a lot of schedules, you may try to organize your day with fabulous calendar planner. Sometimes, you could forget some of your important schedules and the best way not to miss every schedule that you have is by creating your own calendar planner.

Typewriter calendar planner

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For the purpose of staying organized with your schedule, this typewriter calendar planner is worth to try. For the example, you can write your priority schedule on your calendar, so you will not miss important meetings that already scheduled. For instance, you may write your to do list on your designed calendar with colorful pens.

Glass Wall Planner

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In order to make your glass calendar be more beautiful, you can write your plans with colorful markers in the empty column of your glass calendar. Thus, this will help  every time you get bored of writing plans on paper. For instance, having this calendar is like having a planner on your wall.

DIY Calendar with Photos

For many people, photos are the best way for memories to be remembered. Because of that reason, people will capture every sweetest moments in their life. Considering to that, calendar as the reminder of every day in a year will be sweeter with the photos of people whom you loved.

Family Calendar

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Family is one of the strength of every people. So that, having family calendar will also help you to remember every sweet moment with your family. Whenever your days get down, you will have new spirit from looking your family calendar. Thus, it is one of reminder that you always have people who stand for you.

Polaroid Style Calendar

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In the purpose of being classical,  polaroid style calendar is on of the choice. For more, The printable polaroid photos of your family, best friends, and every people that you love will create the warm atmosphere in your room.

DIY calendar board

Introducing calendar board will help you to organize your meeting or schedule. Furthermore, you can easily write your plan on your board calendar.

Children Calendar Board

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Children board will help your kids to write their to do list. For more, this calendar will also be a reminder for their homework, so they may not forget what kind of subject or lesson to do.

Erasable Calendar Board

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One of the simple way for organizing your plans on calendar is by having erasable calendar board. After you have done your plan, you can erase it and write the new one. Therefore, it will avoid the sense of dirtiness when you write your plans on usual calendar.

DIY Calendar Book

Another type of calendar is calendar book. When a calendar can remain on your desk or calendar, you can bring your calendar wherever you go by making calendar book.

Panda Calendar Book

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Panda is one of the cutest animal in the world. So that, compiling panda’s background as your calendar book will give you a cheerful moment whenever you check your calendar.

Cute Calendar Book

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Cute calendar book can be designed by finding any cute backgrounds in the internet.  For the example, you may choose your favorite animals or cartoons as the background of your calendar book. Regarding to the cuteness of your calendar book, it will never make you get bored in checking your schedule.

DIY calendar stand

Wall calendar is not the only style that you can make, but also standing calendar. Regarding to that,  here are some ideas for your standing calendar.

Small Board Calendar Stand

Wooden board is the unique style for your calendar stand. Furthermore, this calendar will not use many space on your desk, it will also be the decoration for your desk.

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Simple Calendar Stand

Simple calendar stand will also be the choice to make your own calendar. By way of example, find any any warm pictures as the background of your calendar. Hence, every time you look on your stand calendar you will be comforted by the warm background of your calendar.

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DIY calendar for school

In hope to get your kids organized, you may try diy calendar for school. So, getting ahead with organizing your kids’ practices and schedules by creating their calendar for school.

Colorful Calendar

Kids love to play with many colors. For that reason, this calendar will be attractive to be seen by your kids. For more, you may add some educational parts in this calendar.  Taking the example of the days of the week, the seasons in a year and also today’s weather can be added in this calendar.

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Daily School Calendar

You can fill the empty column with colorful sticky notes to change the date of the day. Moreover, it will educate your kids to remember name of the day, the order of numbers and so on.

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DIY calendar frame

Even though we know that usual thing to be framed is photo, the idea of making frame for your calendar will also be nice . Talking about this, your calendar frame will not only be a reminder, but also a beautiful decoration for your wall.

Bluish Frame

Blue color will have positive effect for your body and mind. Even more, this color symbolizes serenity. For the purpose of that, choosing blue color as frame of your calendar will bring new atmosphere for your room.

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White Frame Calendar

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As a matter of fact, white as the universal color will also be a good choice for your calendar frame. On the other hand, this frame calendar will be a beautiful match for any decor in your room.

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