Best DIY Toddler Bed Ideas

DIY Toddler Bed – Here is the toddler zone! It formally begins at child’s very first birthday. However couple of moms and dads have the guts to change the baby crib with toddler bed earlier. Actually, there’s strict rules to do so. Your kid might be pulling himself up using the rails, however he’s completely safe in the sleepspace he’s accustomed to.

In the months that follow, he might all of a sudden be on the brink of breaking out of his bed like a little ninja. This (amongst lots of other indications) is a factor to begin considering young child beds. Keep reading to find out more about getting the right timing and the more ideas about the right toddler bed ideas suits your needs.

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Toddler Bed, Toddler Crib or Just Regular Bed?

Another problem when deciding a bed for your toddler is whether you should pick a toddler bed or a regular bed. There are some pros and cons why you should or should not pick each side.

Toddler crib and toddler bed is similar yet different. Usually proper age to use toddler crib is between 1 to 3 years. While toddler bed is used by bigger kid aged between 4-10 years.

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In most cases, toddler crib can be converted into toddler bed. But when the toddler reaches teen age, we need to switch to a regular bed due to the fast growth of the body.

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Toddler Crib Pros:

  • Only need small spaces, and can be placed anywhere including next to your bed. You may want your baby to be near you all the time, right?
  • It can provide more spaces for your kids to play around.
  • You don’t have to buy more crib mattress and crib bedding.
  • Can be converted into Toddler Bed if you choose the right crib.
  • The ultimate one, you can safe assured your toddler would not fall from the bed in the middle of the night since it has the higher sides.

Toddler Bed Cons:

  • You can only use it for short period of time since you toddler will grow fast.
  • It will surely end up as another item to have to store in the attic, the garage or sell on Craigslist.
  • You will have to buy another crib mattress if you have a new baby, and then you end up owning two crib mattresses.

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Twin/Full Size Bed Pros:

  • The bed will be useful for your kids until their adulthood.
  • You will likely hit two birds with a stone since with one purchase you can have two (toddler bed, then a regular bed).
  • Your child won’t bother with the transition since it will only happen once.
  • You will have place to lie down with your child to read stories or take care of them when they’re sick.

Twin/Full Size Bed Cons:

  • It will costs you more money because you have have to buy the bed, the mattress and also the box spring.
  • In the early time, unlike the toddler bed one, you cannot safely assured your toddler would not fall from the bed in the middle of the night since it doesn’t have the higher sides.

Well, whatever sides you’re at, you must decide carefully the decision based on the pros and cons provided above. Whether you only need one transition or you worrying your kid will fall from the bed, it will be the matter to consider.

Here I provide DIY toddler bed ideas that you can try to make on your own and some ideas of toddler bed and cribs for your kids.

1. DIY Simple Toddler Bed Ideas

diy toddler bed from crib

This simple toddler bed idea is perfect for your kid transitioning from a toddler crib to a toddler bed. This bed can even be completed within one day. thanks to Becca for the nice tutorial.

It is a perfect weekend project while you can also provide a new bed for your kiddo.
Read the full guide and steps on how to make the toddler bed at loveurcrazylife

Here are some pictures of the making process

2. DIY Toddler Bed with Rails

diy toddler bed on floor

This another simple toddler bed idea to make yet very nicely done by Charlotte.

It is using a combination of a single pine, common boards with 2×4, and a cut down single sheet of plywood. The dimensions of the bed a standard 52 x 28 inches.

Indeed, the size can be freely adjusted depends on how tall the kids and the process will just still about the same.
Read the full guide and steps on how to make toddler bed with bed rails at atcharlotteshouse

Here are some pictures of the making process

3. DIY Toddler Bed House

diy toddler bed tent

If you want some classy toddler bed, then the design by jenwoodhouse is a perfect match for you, along with the toddler bed, there also design for the room and the interior.
And it also nice thing to hear that the toddler project only cost $50! I know the price can be varied depends on your place or some other factors, but it won’t be much different.

Read the full guide on the making of toddler house bed at Jenwoodhouse

4. DIY Couch Style Toddler Bed Ideas

Photo by

If you are planning to have your last baby, maybe you think to have something that can last longer. When the baby outgrows the toddler stage, the bed still can be used as a couch. What a brilliant idea, right?

If you are interested to do the project, read the full guide from Charlee here

Or if you want a feminine version, just like the pictures below, you can also have the guide from Ana White here.

Photo by

5. Simple Toddler Bed House

Photo by

Toddler bed house is the easiest option for the DIYers when it comes to toddler bed. It is a perfect weekend project to do when you are deciding your baby is already too big for his crib.

You can start the project by reading the guide from Barb Bouchard here

6. Simple Toddler Bed on a Budget

diy toddler platform bed

Gabby, mother of two kids decided to have toddler bed for her children. The problem is the toddler beds available on the market are really expensive. So she thought of making her own.

if you are fond of the idea, you can start the project by reading the guide by Gabby here

Photo by

7. Easy DIY Princess Bed Canopy

Photo by

When you already have the toddler bed, you need also to think about the accessories. One of the best option is to have canopy for your princess bed.

This no sew DIY is pretty simple and cheap yet can put a big smile to the little lady.

If you are interested to make the canopy, read the guide from Sarah here

Photo by

8. DIY Toddler Platform Bed

Aside from the DIY project, here I also compile some ideas for Toddler Crib or Bed for you. The ideas will provide some enlightenment toward the next project you are going to make

This crib is simple yet classy and space-friendly. Just add some adjustment for the kids and it will be perfectly suit them.

9. DIY Toddler Bed on Floor

The bed itself might look pretty simple yet effectively fit to the room design. It only uses a wooden frames with natural color.
The room design, however is outstanding. It is really nice for your little princess to spend her time in the room.

Other Toddler Bed Ideas


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