How To Create An Indian Inspired Interior

Indian style décor is a timeless classic as it often rolls back into fashion. Inspired by the country’s vibrant history, culture, and religion, many people look to incorporate similar designs into their own homes through color patterns and even look to include an element of storytelling. Like all countries, Indian décor is not just a one size fits all descriptor – you have your traditional Indian designs and the new trend of “Indian Modernism,” which is a fusion of both old and new. That being said, a few salient elements are associated with India’s interior design. Here’s how to recreate that look.


Hammonds, the fitted furniture specialists, have looked at living room styles worldwide and how they vary. One defining feature of Indian interior design is the warm color palette. Think bright colors such as orange, red, and yellow, and look to contrast this with bright fuchsia or rich blues and purples. In Indian culture, a living room is a social space. By opting for these colors, you create a very welcoming environment. You may contrast your furniture and walls, or you could keep your walls neutral and have an array of colorful furniture, for example.


Depending on your desired outcome, you may consider layering some materials to portray the Indian influence accurately. When considering what fabrics to invest in, consider luxurious textiles such as velvet, wool, satin, and voile. Additionally, curtains, cushions, throws, and beddings are often accented with metallics like gold and silver to provide a sense of elegance.

Another thing to consider when shopping for materials is the pattern. If you have a relatively simple room, you may want to infuse some Indian inspiration into the look through a bold pattern. Think floral, geometric, and paisley designs.


Buying furniture can be one of the most difficult purchases to make. Once you choose a particular set of furniture, you’re pretty much stuck with it. Therefore, if you’re worried about going too bold yet want to keep in with the Indian style, opt for natural woods for anything from your dining room table to a large shaker style fitted wardrobe. This option is traditional, simple, yet completely eye-catching. You can always add your color and patterns through accessorizing.


Accessories fall under everything else you want to decorate your house with. Think about incorporating a colored glass candle holder, which will create a warm glow when the wick is lit. Pottery and sculptures inspired by Hinduism are an excellent way to honor Indian culture and add an element of authentic ambiance to your home. Finally, don’t forget plants. Consider researching some traditional Indian plants to mark your theme and give a delicate finishing touch to your home.

Happy decorating!

Kevin Darabont
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