13 Cozy and Perfect Living Room Chairs for Small Apartments

When you are furnishing the small living area, finding chairs that are not only so cozy but perfect for small apartments is a challenge. It seems like you need to choose between the styles you admire or the comfort you log for- kind of footwear shopping.

To help you out in choosing the ideal chair for your sweet little home here we have compiled the selection of comfortable chairs that are perfect for getting cozy in your small space.
Doesn’t matter what’s your décor, one of these cozy chairs ought to do nicely into your tiny room.
I worked hard to find the best stuff for you and I hope that you would love my product suggestions.

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Contrasting Armchair

In order to make your small room look more open, you can choose a solid color and minimal decoration. However, this can result in a somewhat weak look.
The little armchair is the best solution. Buying the chair in the white and black pattern is busy and it will add some character to your room. It is also small and comfortable so it won’t just only be a decoration piece.

Compact leather seat

To find the small and cozy leather chair can be tricky but considering a solid leather seat does the trick.
It sits higher up, leaving lots of space under it and around the legs to provide delusion of more gaps, while the seat itself is squashy and luxurious. It is the right spot to wind up with the manuscript.

Cozy Scandinavian

To find stylish reading chairs for the small area can be tough. Considering this idea is best as it does not consume many areas at all but it doesn’t sacrifice comforts.
Still, it is having an armrest which is important for a reading chair and fluffy seat and back cushion, making it comfortable.

Stylish Cane Chair

Another way of bringing in a side chair with a little bit of character is by getting bamboo style.
They are intricate giving them detail and texture but still, they have an airy feel because of the fashion so they will look like that they are consuming less area than they are.

Modern Accent Chair

If you are very much fond of the gray aesthetic, then this Perfect for tiny Orchard road apartments is an option for you can consider fitting into your room.
The chair itself isn’t big but sits lower to the ground that permits for a thick seat cushion to make it feel cozier.
Easily you can tuck this chair into any small corner and still get many uses out of this piece of furniture.

Mid-century Modern Chair

Doesn’t such sort of alternative seems to be comfy?
It is having a high back to give you greater support, armrests, and super luxuriousness.
Not only is this chair wonderful but it is also attractive and solid. It can easily fit into a small area.
Also, the seat is elevated a bit off the floor and it helps even out the high back so the chair won’t just seem to be a clunky piece of furniture in a packed area.

Minimalist Armchair

It’s not likely you are going to find plenty of armchairs for a small area as they typically are constructed large. However, a chair like this can serve the same purpose still looks better and take up less area.

Low Back Tufted Chair

If you are having a small living room, the chairs which are sophisticated, comfortable, and right-size are not many and far between. The little tufted beauties fit the description completely.
The dark wood paired with the texture gray fabric creates gorgeous contrast that is only elevated by the tufted details. Additionally, they come in a set of two.

Jewel-toned Accent Chair

You need not have to forfeit color for finding the comfortable chairs for a small area; you can opt for gorgeous magentas chairs.
They mimic traditional armchairs but their design is much compact and they do not have any armrests. Even they don’t need much floor space and they are small and add much character.Velvet

Side Chair

You can use this kind of chair at a desk, as an accent one, or even scoot it up to a small dinner table.
It is very adaptable (trendier).
The velvet upholstery and metallic legs make it look much fashionable and high end. Therefore it is a good addition to any type of room.

Small and Comfortable Leather Seat

Such Gorgeous Chairs will cozy up your room and certainly makes your home looks perfect.
It not only the look that makes it look so great but small size and luxurious cushioning and thoughtful design which manages to make the dark piece of furniture still seems to bit well-ventilated.

Boho Woven Chair

There are no whistles or bells on it but its frame is made to have bi of lounged backing and the woven design allows some give so the chair will work logically with the body.
On its own it is cozy and no pillows are needed and also it is perfect for tiny apartments.

High Back Petite Chair

There’s not much to love about the chair like this one. It is small, sitting low to the floor and taking less space and its solid design doesn’t steal away its function.
This chair is having a good high back and luxurious cushions that keep it comfortable and supportive. Also, it is having a good pattern as it gives it color and texture.


Furnishing the packed space is not at all easier always as it can instantly go from an awesome open area to an uncomfortable and packed area. With all those recommended chairs you need not have sacrifice the comforts for the style. So consider choosing one from the given suggestions

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