40 Stunning Living Room Ideas (Small, Modern, Farmhouse, Rustic, Mediterranean)

Living room ideas – Do you ever imagine how your guests get impressed in your house? Exactly, they notice on the first place they step on, living room. No matter how small, simple, or extravagant room you offer, they always pay attention to some details you design. Some people even specialize on some items to put there.

The living room is the first place; people look at what are your favors. Moreover, they consider how your personality implied there. It is not a lullaby to say that the living room is the place you start your relationships, your career, and your days. Therefore, designing an impressive style to your living room ideas is necessary.


To start, you might be confused with what is the difference between the living room and family room. At a glance, it seems similar. However, they have some differences making each a living room or a family one. A living room is a room in which you get engaged with some daily activities related to welcoming the guests and do some relaxation. However, a family room is more private, and you can eat up or doing more chitchats with your family member or close partnership. Thus, the fundamental difference is intimacy.

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Since the living room is substantial for your house, you have to consider some points. For example is the size, whether you need a large or small living room. When your home is short of course, you have to design it appropriate with the other parts of your house. However, having a large house does not mean you have to build a large living room too. You can adjust to a small living room instead. Here some preference you can use to start designing a small living room.

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Small Bohemian Living Room

Source: Kristen Wall, a Smith & Noble In-Home Designer

This little bohemian design is warm and dynamic. Put some sofas and a single low table with the same material. Use the natural beige color for the couch and the carpet. To make it more comprehensive, apply some glass windows so that you can see the view outside. After that, choose some pillows with the striped patterns to make it more dynamic. Adding some bluish or maroon colors makes it compact.

Small Lounge

Source: Apt. 5 Interiors

Want to have a relaxing room? The dark navy backdrop is the answer. It is suitable for spending time with family members. To make it balance, add some zigzag pattern to the carpet with the base white and gray colors. Then, put a wooden cabinet with the natural stripe motive in it. Bringing in some abstract paintings on the wall is acceptable. You can light some lamps next to the sofa when night. Last, choose a terracotta color to your pillows to achieve more gracious nuance.

Contemporary Room

decorating a living room with a fireplace
Source: Décor Aid

The essential signature of this model is the retro concept of the material, dimension, and positioning of the accessories. First, leather is the primary material of the sofa, but you can apply some to the carpet design. However, you had better choose smoother one to the couch, and the rougher one to the carpet. Next, an abstract painting makes it rude but lively nuance. Put shelf in a facing wall, so that the sunlight makes it simpler but compact for storage. Finally, you can add a single vase with white lilies at the corner.

Downtown Living Room

how to decorate a small living room
Source: Mauricio Nava Design, LLC

Get bored with the typical carpet? The loft-style dark wood floor is the alternative for designing downtown living room. It creates a two dimensions sense.  Mosaic wall art brings up more artistic color. You can design some mosaics inside the glass window to achieve more dimensional representation. After that, applying glass table with the gray pillows is the excellent option. Finally, add some gold color to the painting and the TV table.


Living in downtown or suburban area does not make you design a different kind of contemporary living room. You can adjust it with the perfect preparation. For example, you can keep the rustic and give some modern touch for some accessories. On the other hand, you can defend the bucolic items and design the solid modern theme.

Cozy Retreat

small living room set up
Source: Fluidesign Studio

Medium tone wood floor helps you achieve a comfortable room. Add a pile-up pot with small plants on the wall to make a more boisterous glance. A single sofa with the same tone color with the floor is a perfect choice. Put some sofa with the grey and a white carpet to make it shine. You can add living room layouts with a fireplace within a wall-mounted TV in an adjacent position as the final step.

Modest Room

how to arrange a small living room
Source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

This modest fresh style is suitable for a small to medium living room. Design the room with white design as the prominent palette as the first step. The sofas can be an implied border to the other rooms. Place it into the perfect distance considering the space to walk in and out. A standard stone fireplace separated with the TV is the best. At the end, paint the wall with grey tone color and use more grey color palette to your patterned carpet.

Simple Modern Living Room

living room layouts with fireplace
Source: Habitations Residential Design Group

A simple modern living room does not mean dull. Start applying a mid-sized cottage formal and open concept medium tone with wood floor design. It is adorable for enlarging the view inside. The second step it, combine different sofas with the eccentric model and the simple one. The iron table with circular design arcs the beauty and strength to sustain a medium glass vase. Then, position two brown leather chairs beside the sofa with wooden legs to make it harmonious with the floor tone color.

Clear View Living Room

living room setting ideas
Source: Berglund Architects

This style is appropriate for you living in a mountainous area. The glass window with open concept is the best choice. A standard stone fireplace accommodates you to warm the place during the cold temperature. Design an entire porcelain floor to bring up the elegant touch. After that, put a single glass vase with some fresh amaryllis to get the more natural sense. This beautiful view of the living room is a perfect place to get relaxed.


A farmhouse living room idea accommodates you to design a peculiar mode by your concept. You can start from the simple to the posh decoration. A robust solid theme is a foremost thing to decide. Therefore, you can determine what materials to choose.

Modern Farmhouse

family room layout with fireplace
Source: Jennifer Garner Interiors

This signature design is concave. It is the perfect modern farmhouse with the high wooden ashy concave. It makes a sightseeing perception. A hanging lamp with tube shape is substantial, so that it releases a bright shine at night. With a standard fireplace, living room layouts with fireplace and TV, you can build a convenient atmosphere inside. Finally, choose the same tone color for some items art wall, ever and glass, and a table craft with the brown wooden floor.

Fancy Great Room

living room arrangements with fireplace
Source: Dillon Kyle Architects (DKA)

Brick floor signature is a great choice. Put a single rattan table in the middle to create a light perception. Then, bring in a hanging lamp makes the room bright and warm. Let the light shines inside through a glass window at the corner. Some sofas with wooden legs  brings up the natural sense. Put a porcelain vase with a small succulent in the middle of the table. Avoiding a big plant inside the room is the best option, so that it is still neat since it is a semi-open concept.

Compact Dairy Living Room

living room design with fireplace
Source: Coastal Signature Homes

This design adopts a beige concept with a little retro style. Not using lots of sofas omits a full instead of compact mode. Some rattan chairs are harmonious with the same beige tone color. Determine a small low countertop with the white first touch. Put a standard brick fireplace surround. Combine the rectangle table with the small circular table next to the sofa. You can bring in a tall growing plant as an accessory as the final step.

Small Barn

Source: Francesca Owings Interior Design

If you have a free room, you can modify it into a luxurious cozy living room. This farmhouse is suitable for designing a wooden light wall and floor concept. The significant thing to consider is the palette. Firstly, use stonewall with a glass window to add a dynamic view. Choose a robust orange and navy scheme to the seats. In another way, choose a bright terracotta color the carpet. You can paint an unfinished white painting to the cabinets.


Rural does not mean old. More than that, it brings in the vintage nuance towards a romantic casual style inside the house. Therefore, determining the perfect angle and position is the substantial thing to achieve a rustic farm concept.

Cabin in the Wood

Source: Red Rock Pools and Spas and Red Rock Contractors

This vast mountain style open concept slate floor brings you up to a private paradise living room. You can design the wooden walls with some glass window between them. With the standard stone fireplace and wooden mosaic around, this rustic brings you to the vintage sense. A hanging lamp adds a shining light combined with a wall lamp. Therefore, you can put a standing TV at the corner.


Source: Mountain Log Homes of CO, Inc.

A broad rustic open concept with medium tone wood floor offers you a warm. This design is perfect for you living in a mountainous or large garden or park. Choose the brown floor living room to remodel to bring up the quiet but compact mode. The wooden fence with semi glass window enables you to enjoy both sunrise and sunset. Thus, you can enjoy the romantic impulse.

Spacious Rustic Room

Source: Darren Edwards Photographs

Adopting a rustic formal light wood floor living room remodel is the perfect decision for a spacious touch. This exclusive private residence is suitable for spending a long holiday with a partnership. This alabaster with a light brown floor tone color makes it opulent chisel. With a high circular hanging lamp, it adds brighter inside.

Natural Vibes

Source: KohlMark Architects and Builders

Original design offers you a fresh, relaxing theme without many details. The primary thing to consider is the angle. Avoid positioning the main living room in the middle of the house. You can choose the place near the park or garden so that you can enjoy the natural vibes. Don’t use iron materials to opt a massive hunch. Otherwise, add stonewall instead is the key to keep its perceived natural.


Mediterranean style accommodates more bright color like reddish, terracotta, orange, blue, and yellow colors. The precise mix determines what impression you want to get. Some different accessories emphasize the real theme you build up.

White Mediterranean Room

Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Start decorating a living room by employing a white brick Mediterranean model. Put a full covered wooden counter-top with its natural pattern with hidden legs. Apply some Tuscan textures on curtains, sofa, and the carpet. Choose terracotta and Tuscan colors as the specific signature of Mediterranean style

Moroccan Living Spaces

Source: Badia Design Inc.

This Moroccan style has a conspicuous signature in color. Some variety of Moroccan handmade furniture adds a light nuance such as tribal rugs, brass chandeliers, mosaic tables, and Moroccan hand-painted tiles. The cup-rum materials and color makes it plush impression. You can apply red, yellow, and blue colors to furnish the real Moroccan taste.

Classic Living Spaces

Source: Allen Construction

The Mediterranean is not always posh polish. Adding hand-painted archways, American Encaustic tile detailing, hand-painted burlap-ceiling tiles, hand-painted wood floor, and original wrought iron fixtures can be the alternative. It builds up the simple but elegant look instead of plush. Emphasize the classic Mediterranean style by combining a bank of throng model for the carpets and pillows.

Compact Mediterranean Spaces

living room ideas 2019

A Mediterranean dark wood floor living room is the perfect inspiration for combining a library remodel with white walls completed with a standard fireplace and no TV. Dally the carpet with a light red and solid black. Two triangle countertops with different direction patterns make it a whole compact fad. The faint white is the base color for contrasting the intense hues.

Rustic Mediterranean

small living room designs
Source: chas architects

A formal dark, the rough idea seems uncommon for achieving a Mediterranean style. However, when applying it, you realize that it is possible and gives such a ‘truly you’ impression. The dark wood tint is the crucial role to guide the other specific items. Emphasize the intense color for the pillow and sofas with the mixing of red and blue. For a more elegant style, add a single glass vase with different intense bright flowers.


Source: Houzz

If you are confused about what to put inside the room, here are some furniture ideas you can try. The first is a solid sofa. It creates a compact model. The second is a specific carpet. It impresses people how you mold a peculiar artistic. The third is a fireplace. You can consider the material, shape, and size. It determines what taste you offer.

In case you need more references, you can add some art painting using an abstract or realist, even surrealist style. Adding a unique rug with its material and shape is also acceptable. Do not forget to play the eccentric style of the sofa and throw pillow.


To small living room set up, pay attention to the central theme. You have to decide whether you want to create a simple or extravagant signature. Therefore, you have to consider whether you need a single or various items.

Ornate Beige Decoration

pinterest beautiful living rooms
Source: Houzz

A soft color touch is always matching with the small room. It softens the texture so that you get the slim impression. Beige is a perfect choice. Therefore, you can add many polished looks within different tawdry furnish.

Miscellaneous Touch Decoration

gorgeous low country rooms pinterest
Source: Houzz

A long sofa is compatible with getting a firm sense. It saves the size room and makes it more functional. Paint the wall with pure white color as it arcs the other coloring. Add a single painting with a beach view to shed light the eclectic taste.

Multicolored Captivate Wallpaper Design

living room ideas with fireplace
Source: Houzz

It is a chance for you liking painting, since it enables you to do any gorgeous sketch here. This owned colorful design is reachable. You can create it as a particular theme within the different gradation.

Assorted Colorful Idea

Source: Houzz

The colorful design is never out of date. It does not mean you need many combinations of colorings. All you have to do paying attention to each detail of each item. For example, using yellow as the prominent color so that applying a contrasting solid dark color for the wall ornament is admissible.

Suave Transitional Living Room

Source: Houzz

As the transitional concept, the thing you have to do is changing the inclusive nuance into the exclusive one. With the small size of the room, you can add a two-circle glass mirror within the pattern borders. Put a standing lamp at the corner to bring up a warm taste. Do not forget to put some glass vase within fresh green plants as it gives offbeat.


Coloring in paintings is always crucial. You might have a solid theme, but without applying the perfect picture, you have to achieve an unwanted finish. Therefore, adjust the subject with your specific taste in coloring.

Green Wall Paint

Source: Houzz

Green is the symbol of mellifluousness and renewal since echoing the natural world. Instead of applying a variety of houseplants, adopt the green walls as splashing the life instead of its small size. Everyone agrees that fresh is the first word appearing when looking at green coloring.

Gray Wall Paint

Source: Houzz

Gray accommodates a spacious look. Within gray, you have to be ready for achieving a serene nuance. Pop colors are never contrary within this artistry backdrop. It brings up an elegant but light sophisticated living room.

Blue Wall Paint

Source: Houzz

Blue shows a calming, stabilizing effect inside the room. At some points, blue goes well with neutrals like brown and cream.  However, you can fuse both with yellow and orange instead. Moreover, hardwood floors need blue to keep it clean and orderly performance.

Black Wall Pain

Source: Houzz

Dark color is an energetic color instead of gloomy. Black walls tend to be unexpected and dramatic. Therefore, it draws more attention. Position the pops furniture placement ideas living room against the dark backdrop. Black keeps the room from the glare of natural light. All you need is adding some architectural treatments.

Beige Wall Paint

Source: Houzz

Beige is the most appropriate for interior designers since it evokes the simplicity of raw fabrics. It accommodates you to the minimalist look. The gorgeous design trend is coloring it with different shades of white. The subtle beige walls bring you up to the classic but classy scene.


To sum up, designing a fantastic living room is not a rude thing. All you have to do is adjusting the size and the necessary. After that, you can determine its material and color. Therefore, it enables you to achieve a luxurious or straightforward taste.

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