Photo Booth Ideas (DIY, Wedding, Christmas, Halloween, Birthday)

Photo Booth Ideas – When you are hosting a party, whether a wedding party, Halloween party, graduation party, birthday party, Christmas party, or any other celebration, you must ensure everyone come away with memorable events. Having creative and fun photos is the best way to make the memories of the happy events eternal.

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Photo booths is a stand out activity, it is a perfect way to capture the best moments for attendees before putting them share on social media, the thing that almost everyone do. We have rounded the best photo booth ideas that you can integrate into your event to make it fun and memorable.

1. Photo Booth DIY

Balloon Arch Photo Booth

photo booths for parties

When you are looking for a cheap and easy DIY photo booth for your next party, then Balloon arches are a perfect party decoration. You can dress up your party without having to worry about your pockets! You will only need 1 – 2 hours to create it, which is pretty fast DIY project.

Here is the quick steps video of the Balloon Arch Photo Booth project:

Otherwise, if you want deeper explanation, you can read the guide on

DIY Blue Fabric Circle Backdrop

homemade photo booth for parties

This simple curtain of fabric circles in vivid jewel tones is a pretty easy DIY project for a ceremony. It could be an ideal project to do while getting in some good spare time with your honey.

Read the DIY Blue Fabric Circle Backdrop guide on

Fun Tropical Photo backdrop

free photo booth

It’s summer time and it’s the time for tropical theme!. We decided to put Pineapples, palm leaves, flamingos or even flowers to make it more tropical! Now let’s take a break and take the time to turn our favorite tropical patterns into a party photo booth. Get ready for a tropical- themed party.

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Read the Fun Tropical Photo backdrop guide on

2. Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Colorful Curtain Wedding Background

photo booth for weddings

cheap photo booth

Everybody deserves a beautiful memorable wedding photos even when you are really tight on budget. The idea is putting different color of ribbons together as a photo background.

It is even better when you shoot the picture with green view such as garden, park, or lake. The natural scenery will perfectly blend with the pictures taken.

You can further send your images to a photo editing service, where experts will correct colors and perform other tweaks, and even order a wedding photo album to keep your pictures properly organized.

Vintage Van Photo Station

photo booth for wedding


If you have a retro van, or you have access to it, then you may use it for your photo booth. You only need to decorate it and it will be ready for the day. When you are confused to choose the photo location, it can be a solution as it can park wherever and whenever you want.

Simple Wedding Frame



Photo border is a very portable and inexpensive photo booth idea, allowing us to take pictures of each other in different places.

The fun thing is, we can decorate it freely, putting our names, wedding date, and other detail on it. The small addition is really enjoyable and important to make the memorabilia work better.

Hanging Props Photo Booth


Stand-up board is highly customize-able photo booth idea. You can use frame, garden light cage, bird cage, and anything suitable with the photo themes. Furthermore it is pretty easy and inexpensive to install.

3. Birthday Photo Booth Ideas

Fun Kids Photo Booth

photo booth ideas for parties

Playing with color is a great way to convey kids’ active and joyful soul. The combination of yellow background and simple colorful frame can be an option for the party photo booth idea.

Comic Book Photo Background

diy photo booth for parties

When you are at your 20’s or more, you might want an idea which can bring you to the childhood times. If you have classic comic book, then using the pages as the background can be a good idea. It can also be easily found at pawn shop nearby.

Ghost buster Photo Booth

peekaboo photo booth

Another simple idea for birthday party photo booth, ghost buster photo booth. You only need black background decorated with balloons and ghost buster sticker. The sticker can easily DIYed with picture from google.

Gold Fringe Backdrop

photo booth ideas for birthday party
Source: Pinterest

The shiny gold fringe backdrop will make the party hotter. The guests can use glitter and shiny wardrobe to make it even better.

4. Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

Black and White Fringe Backdrop


Halloween theme is identical with dark and spooky atmosphere. Let’s create one but with shiny effect. The dark and spooky theme will not be so frightening anymore with the fringe backdrop.

Trick or Treat Photo Booth


Another long tradition in Halloween is Trick or Treat. Let’s make our own trick or treat backdrop in navy and orange color decorated with the most famous symbol in Halloween: PUMPKIN!

Spooky Halloween Backdrop


When you don’t want to lose the spooky vibes of the Halloween party, then it is the perfect photo booth design. Using classic black backdrop with tombstone replica as the props, it is surely the best Halloween photo booth ever.

5. Christmas Photo Booth Ideas

The Christmas Ride


Christmas is coming every year, then is soon to be followed by New Year’s Eve. Everybody is planning all the props for this festive season, and photo booth can be one of essentials items at Christmas parties. Photo booths are very popular to make the parties even better.

Christmas Portable Photo Border

photo booth frame diy
Source: pinterest

Photo border is the easiest props when it comes to photo booth ideas. It is highly customize-able, cheap, and particularly very portable. It can be used every where, either indoor or outdoor.

Red Backdrop Photo Booth Ideas

photo booth ideas diy
Source: pinterest

You can easily make this photo booth by using red backdrop and Christmas hanging letter as the decoration.


Even though photo booth is only an addition for a party or occasion, the presence is important for most of us. I have listed some of the best photo booth ideas here, after you grab your best images you can enhance the quality, edit them and can do many more such things using some of the best photo apps listed at Pixpa

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