Pool Fence Ideas (For Inground and Above ground pool)

Pool Fence Ideas -Installing pool fence is not unusual things to do, especially when you have kids, pet, elder or a disabled family member around. It will provide charm to your household and ensure the safety of everyone. Check with your plan manager if this backyard addition is a reasonable expense under disability insurance.

When it comes to the decision, we have to think whether the fence is needed. If it is, then what design we desired, the materials and styles we need, and the most important thing: the budget!

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Why we should or should not install pool fence?

Before deciding the matter, we need to look down on the reason why we should or should not install pool fence. On the pros side, pool fence can provide safety, privacy, and style. While on the other hand, on the cons side, it can reduce our accessibility and visibility and also add more cost.

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If you are in a family with kids or elder around, safety will be top priority. The fence can protect the kids from drowning or going too far from the backyard. It will also comfort us by providing more privacy from the prying eyes. Furthermore, it can add more style element to your swimming pool if you choose it correctly.

But on the other side, fence can limit our accessibility to enter the pool as the only entrance is the main gate. It also limit our view to the surrounding, especially when we like to see the vast view around the pool. Installing the fence is also cost you a fortune. The cheapest model will need around $1500 – $2500.

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Pool Fence Types

If you decide install fence to your pool, then you have to choose the fencing types. Pool fence types include mesh pool fencing, glass pool fencing, and vertical bar fencing.

1. Mesh Pool Fence

pool safety fences
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Mesh Pool Fencing is the safest bet compared to the other pool fence ideas. It is hard to climb as it provide less grip for climbing. It is also removable, so you can remove or install it whenever you want. Although it is not the cheapest option, it is still affordable compared to the glass type. Beside that, mesh type fence doesn’t hinder your view as it still provide visibility to your pool area through its loose slat. It is important in case when a kid sneak into your pool area without your awareness.

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2. Glass Pool Fencing

temporary pool fencing
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Glass Pool fencing is the most beautiful fence you can invest with. It provides modern look and transparent view to the pool area. The durability is also the best among all. But it is also will cost you a fortune. The average cost could range from $7.500 to $50.000 depends on the style, wide, and the glass material. It is also not removable and difficult to keep clean. Regardless of the price, the glass is the most beautiful pool fence ideas around.

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3. Vertical Bar Fencing

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Vertical Bar Fencing is the most dynamic types as it can be made from wrought iron, wood, vinyl, or aluminum depend on your taste and needs. It is also probably the cheapest fence out there since you can diy and experiment using every material you want.

Pool Fence Ideas Pictures

Deciding which types of fence to install is important, but choosing the the designs is more important as it is practically beneficial depend on our needs. We bring some ideas for fencing option. Now let’s find out the best pool fence which best suits you.

Inground Pool Fence Ideas

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Frameless pool fence is really stunning yet the most expensive on the market. The full-view display bring the wide angle of view that will please anyone. As the pricing roughly start from $12.000, then this type certainly is not for everyone. But if money is not a big problem, then you can go with it.

As stated above, glass material need to keep clean periodically because if it’s not, the stain will be clearly visible.

Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

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Semi frameless pool fence empoys the same material with the frameless one, glass. It has the almost the same advantage and disadvantage as the frameless. The semi frameless fence tends to be more affordable than the frameless as it is 25% cheaper. Another clear difference is the view. The semi frameless one has posts or frames between the panels. It may distract our view sometimes.The glass is also more thinner than the frameless one. The average thickness is 8 or 10 mm while the frameless one is 12 mm.

Aluminum Pool Fence

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Sometimes we are confused to pick between aluminium or iron based material. Aluminium is lighter, cheaper, and maintenance free while iron is stronger. If you are like me who are lazy and want the cheaper one, then you aluminium is the best choice. It is free from rust and corrosion. The weight is also lighter and easier to install compared to iron fence.

Steel Pool Fence

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Using Steel Plat is also a great option for pool fence ideas. Even though it hinder the view, it gives you more privacy to certain sides. It is also durable and strong.

Mesh Pool Fencing

removable pool fences
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As stated before, mesh pool fence is a great option when you have kids or elder around due to its grip-less panels. The best part of the fence is the removable ability. It means, you can install or uninstall it as you wish.

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Nature Pool Fence

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Other than those materials mentioned above, you can also use plants as perfect pool fence ideas. It will give you privacy and style. But the safety is not guaranteed since small force can easily broke the plant cluster.

DIY Pool Fence Ideas

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Wood material is another great option for your pool fence ideas. This temporary wood fence is safe enough to prevent your kids from drowning. We love this wooden fence so much as it give ethnic and natural look inversely to the glass material which give modern look.

Other Fence Ideas

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