30 Awesome and Beautiful Powder Room Ideas

Powder Room Ideas – Like an excellent investment, a powder room has a significant role in your home. In the 1980th century, powder rooms have a function as small spaces in which women touch up their makeup. At that time, it consists of a sink and a toilet. Now, it is more than that. It changes for decades and adjusts trends with some advantageous functions.

Firstly, it enables guests to touch up themselves in private without being distracted. Secondly, it gives added value to your home since it uses many items, like a sink, waterproofing works, and toilet, as assets while selling it.  Lastly, it overcomes the ‘rush hour’ while other family members have to do the same activities, so it helps them do others by using this room.


What does a powder room mean? A powder room is a small room in a private dwelling which enables people to do their make-up activities. The name, so-called powder room, refers to a small place in which people apply extra powder to their wigs as well as their noses in 1980th century, and it does exist until now without any changes.


Typically, a powder room and a half bathroom are quite similar. People employ two primary components of a full bath. They are a sink and a toilet. In some cases, a powder room consists of just a pan without any toilet. Furthermore, the powder room refers to women’s make-up in it rather than ‘men’ reference, so there is usually a big mirror in it. On the other hand, a half-bath has a more entertaining sense of the home for guests touching up their make-up in an adjacent mudroom rather than a private powder room.


Compared to the powder room, the bathroom and master bathroom has more elements. They are a sink, toilet, tub, and shower. It is usually near the master bedroom, so the owner can reach it easily while waking up. On the other hand, a master bathroom employs more elements where people spend their time cleaning and relaxing their bodies rather than just taking a bath.


If you are looking for some ideas for powder room design, you can get many inspirations online through websites, email, or blogs. Nowadays, it is effortless to obtain any information you want. It helps you to decide what ground your room will be. Here are some preferences.

Industrial Style

A geometric style is suitable for industrial taste. The ‘disharmony’ in harmony seems to contrast with the vanity and contemporary powder room mirrors. The base color white and black, is professional since it creates an intense theme for your house. The mixed material of the wall and tile is the key to catching more industrial sense. Add flat-panel cabinets with dark wood color to arc its elegance. The last, put in a wall-mount toilet and a wall-mount sink as well as paint a white walls and countertops.

Black And White Powder Room

Black and white construe a classy room. First, choose a dark wood floor and brown floor powder room design.  Second, paint the wall with white and black so that it is not unattractive. Third, complete it with a two-piece toilet since it is more functional but neat. To find a suitable toilet, you can check the source about top models of the corner toilets. Fourth, put in a pedestal sink and a medium mirror. Fifth, with the base color white, you do not need any lighting since it releases more light rather than dark color.

Minimalist Powder Room

Nowadays, minimalism is a gorgeous design which people yearn for. The minimalist design means you put the necessary items as well as support your activities in the room. It is still modest but does not mean bare. With a marble countertop and grey floor powder room, feel an elegant taste instead of the plain one. Add an under-mount sink, white cabinets, a two-piece toilet, grey walls, and recessed-panel cabinets as the perfect combination.

Black and Gold Powder Room

Since black is a natural color, you can combine it with many other colors. For example, mix it with the gold one. It creates up to a magnified luxurious room. It shows a more contemporary taste of black and gold multi-colored countertops and walls. An under-mount sink suits well to this modern design. With the abstraction of motives in the walls, catch the beauty inside without other additional decorations.


The key to gaining a sleek look is polishing certain items, like the centrepiece and not contrasting each item roughly. You can arrange the color or texture to show an exclusive look. The pattern mixing might create a complex look, but the selection of color helps it still elegant.

Flourish Wallpaper

Elegant does not mean simple without any eccentric taste. Instead of employing abstract or stripe motives, try using a flourish design. As a unique item, the flourish wallpaper reflects a solid theme of healing and growth. Choose a white marble floor inside, which shows the same growth tone. Complete it with a one-piece toilet, black walls, and a pedestal sink as the functional items. It is so gorgeous.

Beach Style

Why not choose a coastal design to feel the fresh atmosphere? The first thing to do is design the base floor with a multicolored mosaic tile to show the dynamic sense. The second one, with a white marble wall, brings in a refreshing artistic style. Then, add white cabinets with the porcelain-integrated sink as added items. Next, wall art decorations arc more beauty to your room. Finally, you can also bring in some small plants to add fresher nuance.

Luxury Powder Room

The design emphasizes the bronze tones. With the use of gold, grey, and bluish touch, it forms such complex, luxurious elements. Floating cabinets with curved fronts and exotic stone countertops are the leading accessories.  With a glass mosaic wall, the light reflects a blink impression, as well as the Venetian plaster wall finish does. You can still touch up your makeup well within the narrow mirror in the middle. Bring In a vase with a small pink vase to add more decoration.

Exotic Style

It is an example of French design, which uses powder bath features luxurious materials of white onyx countertops and floors. The accent of Rossa Verona gives a more aesthetic touch to the coral-colored wall covering. Bring in the bombe chest niche with panelling to perceive antique leading mirrors, which makes this small space feel more expansive. Add sconces and small chandeliers with crystal designs to get more glittering light as the last step.


Grey room emphasizes a gorgeous touch instead of an extravagant look. It is considered a neutral color besides white and black ones. From a pale to dark gradation, it fits any amenities inside, so that you do not have to bring in many accessories with complicated designs.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style does not mean rustic. With the right modification, it performs a modern style. First, decide that you are willing to design a bright room using natural tone as the primary color. Second, apply it to the floor and the grey as the two significant essential parts. Third, bring in light wood cabinets and a two-piece toilet. Fourth, get more farmhouse taste with a quartzite pattern to the countertops.

Contemporary Room

This style gets inspiration from the 1930s church home revival. Mosaic footage bridges the viable look. Paint the lower part of the wall with white color. With the geometric concept, you can paint such an artistic art wall. The elegant, classy under-mount sink fits the medium mirror on top. With the glass window beside, you do not need to turn the lamps during the day.

Extravagance Look

It adopts the old town concept as the core of the design. Firstly, decide on the stone slab brown floor as the prominent base part. Instead of combining various materials, it emphasizes more patterns in each element to build up the texture. It is seen by mixing different modes of the wall, the sink, and the floor. Both the horizontal and vertical patterns are perfect to combine with diagonal directions.

Natural Vibes

What is the key to getting natural vibes? It is the fresh taste. First, choose the beige painting as the leading key. Second, apply it to the footage and the wall. Third, for a more eccentric style, add a brick as a semi-wall integrated with the mirror. Then, with the curved porcelain sink, you can wash your hands and face comfortably. Next, choose a wall-mount toilet, vessel sink, granite countertops, green walls and flat-panel cabinets for more perfection. The last step, bring in some fresh green plants inside.


A powder room does not need a specific size. You can choose a more modest place instead of having a large house. It fits all house sizes. While small, it is more practical instead of wide, so why not apply it? It gives you more straightforward treatments so that it keeps orderly while you do not have enough to take care of it.

Happy Color Tone

Imagine you have such a colorful, enchanting performance while entering a room. Start with designing a pop style by using a pleasant color tone. Put raised-panel cabinets as pure storage. As the happy color tone, choose one of your favorite colors as the dominant one, for example, blue or pink. You can combine it with others, whether in the same palette or different gradations, as long as it is chic. Therefore, you can create multicolored walls with a one-piece toilet inside.

Very Small Powder Room

Do not worry if you have even a tiny room; you can still make it a powder room. Create a private service area within the narrow space rather than an open public one. By exposing the footage, it feels more substantial. The polished nickel hardware, rich contrast, and delicate accent lighting are the key to revealing its elegance. As the last touch, apply a Wainscot panelling to create balance, scale, and a contrasting look.

Green Wallpaper Powder Room

The mixture of green and beige creates a delighted sense. Firstly, choose the natural wood color as the footage. Secondly, paint the wall with green leave motives combined with a beige segment. Then, adjust them using white as the dominant color for the two-piece toilet and a pedestal sink. The window beside and the lamp above add intense light during night or day.

Small Cube

While having a medium-sized room, try to build a cube powder room instead of the square one. It makes the look not too narrow or significant. Bring in the pedestal lavatory and one-piece Sanagloss toilet. With a 7′ by 6′ space framed with a curved wall in the middle of the new space, locate the new powder room near the kitchen, living and dining room areas. As a result, this instant focal point entirely eases the guests to access the room.


While you are unwilling to renovate the room into an exclusive one, try to build up a transitional powder room style. Also, this idea is appropriate for you while moving to the new house and you do not intend to remodel it. A transitional room defends the original design but might adopt others with some modifications.


How can a modern design match the rustic one? The key is to defend the first part of the room, like the floor and wall, with the contemporary style and add additional items like cabinets, a sink, or an art wall with the rustic one.  Within a small transitional mirror tile, white tile, beige tile, and black tile ceramic floor, adjust them with grey walls, marble countertops, dark wood cabinets, a two-piece toilet, vessel sink, and open cabinets. Therefore, you feel both tastes in perfect harmony while entering the room.

Sophisticated Powder Room

This design adopts the mid-century transitional room. It contrasts the colorings and patterns as well to create a solid look. A dark wooden cabinet with porcelain material on the top part, reflects a modern but still modest design. The coaly wall within the circle mirror creates the symmetric model. The artistic wall painting is suitable as the last decoration.

Natural-Farmhouse Element

Combining peculiar items makes the room posh but still natural. With light wood flat-panel cabinets, feel the farmhouse taste. Choose rattan baskets instead of a tissue box for the tissue. Bring in a two-piece toilet, paint the walls with white coloring, and add an under mount sink as the added elements. Design the countertops with a grey covering. As the last step, bring in a bamboo decoration on the wall.

Midcentury-Modern Powder Room

This higher ground helps you to gain a midcentury-modern powder room. It can be the inspiration for a transitional taste with white subway tile. Do not forget to decorate multicolored walls like trees and brick to feel more beautiful decoration. Add a pedestal sink as the last step. It is chic and neat.


Having a small room does not hinder you from building a powder room. With the right arrangement, it accommodates many primary functional elements inside. Furthermore, it shows how managed your powder room vanity is with a practical treat.

Small Wooden Vanity

Wooden material gives a light texture so that it does not make the room too smoked. You may choose brown wood countertops. It keeps the place clean and neat. With its natural color, you do not have to do a peculiar treat to the room. Design marble dark walls as decoration. Bring in a vessel sink, brown walls, flat-panel cabinets, and dark wood cabinets as the accessories.

White Vanity

For a small room, avoiding complexity is the key. It performs better for its look. With the panelling beadboard of around 6″ full, it helps you cut the size into a larger room with its vertical line. With a side splash cabinet, you can put some amenities inside safely. A local stone countertop brings in a pacifying atmosphere.

Mediterranean Vanity

The Mediterranean emphasizes the intense color as a compelling centerpiece. It consists of terracotta, red, yellow, blue, and brown color combinations. Some neutral colors may be used to avoid its stable pressure, like beige or raven. Design beige tile and glass tile dark wood floor. Create a brown floor powder room idea with furniture-like cabinets, light wood cabinets, and granite countertops for the last touch.

Small Corner Vanity

For the more convenient private powder room, you can build it in the corner of the house. Lotus wall is a lovely design to apply. It also avoids its tedious mode within its black-and-white domination color. A small glass vase with a small green plant adds fresher nuance. Two half-circle mirrors reflect lighter as well as shape the dimensional style.


Middle-century powder room tends to show an intermediate tone look. It is not too extravagant or plain. It keeps balance, nuance and functional performance. With careful consideration, it performs a tight theme which shows your taste.

Modern-Scandinavian Style

This Scandinavia style employs a tree pattern as the ground of the wall decoration. This technique cuts off the space to look ampler, not tight though the room is small. Flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets and an integrated powder room sink create a compact, functional space. Add a hanging lamp decoration for a more romantic sense.

Natural Blue Wallpaper

Natural sense can be caught for some colors like green, beige, or blue, besides managing the selection of materials. In this design, a Mid-sized 1950s is possible by applying a light wood floor powder room. Put in open cabinets, light wood cabinets, white walls, a vessel sink and a wood countertop as significant items.

Fresh Look

Green always performs more vivid sense better. For a new model, try to design the wall with a green brick pattern. With its ceramic material, it becomes the signature of this design. Match it with a gold and white sink. For a simple room, it is highly recommended since it gives an artistic taste. White and black marble footage brings in a professional look.

Other Powder Room Ideas


A powder room is essential for the house since it becomes an investment. It accommodates people to touch up without getting disturbed by other activities. If you do not have one, then plan to design it soon.

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