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The Origin of Emeralds

Emeralds are produced all over the world, but high-quality emeralds that are truly recognized worldwide are very rare. After all, which is the best emerald in the market, Zambia, Brazil or Colombia? Today we will take you to see the origin of emerald.


South American Colombia is the most important emerald producing area in the world today. It is said that its production accounts for about 60% of global emerald silver necklace production. Well-known mining areas include Muzo, Chivor and Cosquez. Among them, the quality of Muzo and Cosquez is the best. Colombian emeralds are generally beautiful in color, but have many flaws (inclusions

and cracks). Because the quality of Colombian emeralds is generally recognized in the industry, this name is also commonly used to refer to high-quality emeralds from different regions. Next, we will talk to you about the different mining areas in Colombia:


This is the earliest source of emeralds known to Europeans, discovered and mined in 1555; it is the main source of high-quality emeralds customized name necklace cheap in the world. The famous Devonshire emerald produced here is an uncut, beautiful green crystal that weighs 1383.95 carats. The emerald-bearing calcite veins in this area are mainly produced in the Cretaceous carbonaceous shale.

The emeralds from the Muzo

Mine are the most highly prized. It is said to have got its name because the color of the emerald is as beautiful as that of a butterfly found only in the Muzo region. The emerald crystals of the Muzo mine are shorter but more intense in color solid gold name necklace.


The properties of the deposit in Chivor region are similar to Muzo. However, the color of the emerald produced here is not as good as that produced by Muzo, and the crystals are relatively broken. Some surfaces have iron oxide films, and pyrite inclusions are seen in the crystals monogram silver necklace.

The Somondeco mine in the

Chivor region was one of the earliest known emerald mines in Europe, and it began mining in 1592. Emeralds in this mining area show strong red color under chadler filter. It has red fluorescence under ultraviolet light, and its behavior is somewhat similar to that of synthetic crystals customizable best friend necklaces.


The emerald, named after the Cosquez mine in the Columbia Mozo mining area, is one of the best emeralds in the world. The emerald of the Cosquez mine is brighter with some yellow tones, translucent, and large and small fissures can be seen. However, the inner inclusions of the emerald bracelet for your girlfriend of the Cosquez mine are generally less than that of the Muzo mine. The most prominent feature of the emerald in this mine is that the crystals often come together, and a lot of emerald crystals can be seen on a rock mass.

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