4 Signs That Prove That Your Home is Infested With Termites

Termites’ infestations in a house aren’t a pretty sight to show off, and that’s because of how destructive termites are. Termites feed on wood, and that means that if termites infest your house, you can expect the termites to wreak havoc on everything made of wood in your home, especially your wooden furniture. 

Also, termites have a strange craving for cellulose, so you shouldn’t be surprised when they devour your books, fabrics, and sheetrock as well. Termites tend to leave very few clues to their activities until they damage structures in a home within months!

However, the good news is that the sooner you identify or suspect that termites have infested your home, the easier it will be for professionals to fumigate your house. You can learn more here to seek the help of an extermination expert.

Here are four signs that prove that your home is infested with termites.  

Wooden products with a powdery appearance

More often than not, termites crawl along with wooden products such as wooden furniture or wooden cabinets in your home, and by doing so, they consume the wood from inside out. This is because wooden products in your home begin to sound hollow, and papery or objects penetrate easily into them. This wood decay leads to a “powder-like” surface, especially on wooden ceilings, rafters, and beams. This “powder-like” surface is an obvious sign that your home is infested with termites.

Swarmer after rainfall

Termites grow wings and love to fly away to new nesting sites after rainfall in warm weather seasons. If you happen to notice a termite colony flying around your home after rains, or you notice discarded wings, then it is very likely that your home has been infested with termites. The same thing applies if you stumble on termites while remodeling your home indoors or outdoors.

Mud Tubes

Another subtle sign that proves that your home is infested with termites is the presence of mud tubes. Mud tubes are used to travel between the soil and the termites’ food source. And the good thing about mud tubes is that you can spot them with your naked eyes. So the moment you spot mud tubes in your home or around the foundation of your home, you just stumbled on a certain sign that your home is infested with termites.

Stiff doors and windows

Stiff doors and windows are generally traceable to damp weather. But termites can also cause stiff and damp windows. The moisture they leave on the door and the window when they eat the door and window causes the wood to warp, making them stiff. So if you discover that your doors and windows are stiff, you can be sure that’s a sign termite is infesting your home.


When you notice these four signs, you have certain proof that your home is infested with termites, and you might want to call for professional assistance immediately to limit the damage. You can find out more information about hiring a professional.

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