4 Things To Consider When Installing A Customized Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door is a beautiful addition to any home. However, when you install your own customized glass shower door, there are four things to consider before you begin. So if you want to installĀ custom glass shower doors in Denver, read below.

Glass Width and Thickness

Customized glass shower doors are available in wide widths and thicknesses.

The general rule of thumb for determining the size of your glass is that it should be at least 3/4″ larger than the opening of your shower or bathtub.

However, this is only sometimes necessary if you use an oversized shower door because it can easily span greater distances.

Consider how much space you have available in your bathroom and how much light you want coming through your glass panel.

If you’re trying to conserve space in your bathroom, consider going with a thinner piece of glass so it will fit better on its track without being too prominent in your home decor.

Hinges and Clips

The hinges and clips determine how easily the door opens and closes.

Some doors come with a sliding bar that allows you to open the door from either side, while others come with a single bar that only opens from one side.

You can also buy double-hinged doors that open both ways or slide into place rather than swinging open like most other types.

The hinges and clips will also determine how much space they take up in your shower stall, so make sure you buy ones that will fit appropriately in your area before purchasing them.


You must decide if the door swings toward or away from the shower. The best way to do this is to stand in the rain, look where your towel rack is, and then decide which direction you want your door to swing.

Some people prefer that their doors open inward and some outward, but it doesn’t matter so long as there is not too much pressure against it when it opens.

If you have a large shower and need more room in front of the door, you may want an outward swinging door to allow more space between the wall and the door itself.

But an inward swinging door will work fine if you have a small shower.

Electrical Wiring and Pipes

You don’t want to start installing your new shower door only to find out that there are some wires or pipes in the way. This could cause a fire hazard or even short-circuit your electrical system.

In addition, if you add lights or heating elements to your shower, you’ll need to ensure enough room for them under the glass door.

If not, there’s a chance that they won’t fit properly or function as intended.

If you have any electrical wiring in your walls or ceilings, it is wise to hire an electrician for advice on where best to place them for safety reasons.

Final Thoughts

Consider these four tips as you plan for your customized glass shower door. You’ll have no problem choosing the perfect shower door once you keep these in mind.

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