7 Home Essentials That Inspire Mindfulness

Our homes are where we rest at the end of a long day; many who work from home spend all day there and then need to unwind. Homes are also where we make memories, raise children and express ourselves through the decor and style we implement inside them. For all these reasons, having a home that lets you feel in control of taking care of yourself is essential. Studies show that today, more people than ever choose to live a mindful life as the cornerstone of health and happiness for themselves and their families. If you want to add things to your home that inspire mindfulness, keep reading for the small additions that impact your home and your state of being. 

Harmonious Paint Colors 

Whether your home has a minimalist aesthetic, the color stories you choose affect your mood and mindfulness. Choosing a harmonious color palette will make your home a place to center and balance your mind. You want all the rooms in your home to follow the same color story in hues that promote tranquility. These color families are blues, pale pinks, ivories, and lush greens. While it can be tempting to have different colors in different rooms to showcase your style, to truly set a mindful tone in the home, select your favorite shade of one color and let it flow seamlessly through the entire home. 

Decluttered Spaces 

You don’t have to Marie Kondo your entire home, but living in a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. Downsizing items beyond repair, clothing that no longer fits, and what doesn’t serve you is an easy place to start. The items in your home also need a resting place, so investing in furniture that doubles as storage or stylish containers is a must for the mindful home. 

Beautiful Stationery 

Part of achieving mindfulness is controlling our thoughts, and for many people, that includes meditation and journaling. The mindful home focuses on beauty and peace, so investing in high-quality stationery may seem like it won’t make a difference to your mindset, but the opposite is true. Not only will you feel relaxed as you take pen to beautiful paper to write out your negative thoughts, but you can also use this stationery to stay in touch with friends and family. The art of letter writing has been lost in the last few decades, but studies consistently show that physical correspondence boosts the mood of the receiver and the sender. The small addition of stationary makes a big impact on the mindful home. 

Meditation Stations 

Whether you have been trained formally or have trained yourself to meditate isn’t necessary to have a meditation space in your home. You don’t have to practice true meditation per se, but you need a space in your home dedicated to reflection and introspection. If this isn’t a daily practice for you yet, you may not see the need, but once you have an area designated to mindfulness, it’s life-changing and life-giving. A comfortable cushion or lounge chair, as well as a focus object, is an easy and quick way to establish a comfortable place to relax physically and mentally. 

Noise Reducing Items 

Unless you live alone, having ways to reduce the chaotic noise around you is essential in the home. From white noise machines to noise-canceling headphones, noise-reducing items are essential to your peace and well-being. If you are a mindful mother, father, guardian, or roommate, these can make all the difference as you prepare dinner, unwind in your meditation station, and get even more impactful sleep. 

Mindfulness Boxes 

Curating a mindfulness box to have ready in your home is one of the best ways to guard your peace. Common items to include in a mindfulness box are relaxation aids like essential oils and incense, mindfulness prompts, the above stationery, pens, and exercise ideas. Yoga has been shown to significantly enhance mindfulness significantly, and having yoga cards and poses is an easy reminder to breathe in and out and move your body to align with your mind. 


While the mindful home should have some form of a signature scent, many use candles or essential oil diffusers to accomplish this, and candles should be added as an essential element. The flickering flame can become a focal point as you relax, unwind and appreciate your home for all it does to keep you centered and healthy. Make sure you’re investing in non-toxic candles, preferably composed of soy or beeswax and scented with natural fragrances. 

Living a mindful life is the cornerstone for a long and happy life. Studies show that those who prioritize their mental well-being live longer and have more gratitude in their lives. Add these items and practices to your home today to start reaping the benefits of a mindful lifestyle.

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