7 Typical Farmhouse Furniture Pieces You Must Own

If you want to have a farmhouse-style house, you should invest in some typical farmhouse furniture pieces. These will add character to your home and include elements such as natural elements, slipcovers, and distressed wood. Here are some tips for finding the right pieces to complement your farmhouse-style home. This article will help you make your dream farmhouse a reality!

Typical farmhouse furniture pieces

A wooden table is a must-have piece of farmhouse furniture

. Practical and simple, this piece has four corner legs and skirting. Choose round, square, or rectangular tables – or any other shape that fits your aesthetic. Customize it to suit your style – and place a sunflower vase on top or place books and magazines on the bench. These pieces will lend an antique look to your home. A farmhouse table is a timeless piece of furniture that is an essential part of a country-styled home.

Natural elements

You can bring natural elements to any space with a bit of creativity. While you can add large wooden pieces throughout the room to create a more rustic feel, smaller objects will give the area an added natural texture. Wooden kitchenware and utensils will tie the elements together. You can also use natural ingredients to decorate your home’s bedrooms. For example, a wooden farmhouse buffet or heirloom quality wood chairs will add a natural element to a bedroom.

Distressed wood

If you’re a fan of rustic style, distressed wood is an essential part of your home. You can find reclaimed or barn wood in certain lumber stores and apply a distressed finish yourself. Although it can be expensive to buy distressed wood, the process is simple and inexpensive. You will need a piece of furniture, a paintbrush, and dark wax. 


You might consider using slipcovers on your furniture if you have a rustic farmhouse-style home. The farmhouse style emphasizes warmth and comfort, so slipcovers made of linen and cotton are the perfect choice for your table. They can help complete any look and make life a little easier. Before making a purchase, consider your lifestyle and personal style. A slipcover sofa may be a great choice if you rent your house frequently or have a large family. Slipcovers will add a touch of sophistication to your decor if you spend a lot of time in your living room.

Industrial stools

These stools are the perfect height for breakfast bars, pub tables, and kitchen islands. They feature a double X design on the back and a footrest made of solid wood. They can be purchased individually or as a set of two. If you plan to use the stools in your kitchen, choose a neutral-colored one, like a textured white, so the stools are easy to clean.

Galvanized buckets

If you’re a true fan of rustic decor, you’ve probably seen galvanized buckets made of other metal. The soft grey tones and speckled finish of galvanized metal are a great way to add texture to any room. Moreover, galvanized buckets are highly functional furniture that can be used for several purposes. For example, use the handle of a galvanized bucket to place a rolled-up towel inside, or you can even use it as a toilet paper holder. Another excellent use for galvanized buckets is as a storage bucket for other small items like blankets and towels.


For many, windmills are the perfect finishing touch for their farmhouse decor. While some still use them to pump water, many other people simply like to view them for their beauty. Early windmills were functional everywhere power was needed. These days, nearly 90 percent of windmills are only used as decorative accents, but people still love them for their history and unique designs.

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