8 Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Are you looking for ways to make your house look expensive, without breaking the bank?  Doing a house renovation on a budget?  Or simply giving the interior of your home that well-overdue refresh?

It’s about creating that million dollar look with double digit figures; imitating expensive taste on a modest allowance; using your creativity to turn basic into swoon-worthy.

Sure, if you’ve got the cash to throw around, go right ahead and purchase everything designer.  But for the majority of us, life isn’t like that.  And the fact is that you don’t need to bust your bottom line to make your home look and feel expensive.  

Here’s the deal…

If you’re planning a North London house renovation, we suggest you take a moment to zoom in on our top #8 tips for creating an expensive-looking home on a budget.

1. Add Character with Architectural Details 

Simple mouldings or wall trims are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and they can take your hallway, bedroom or living zone to the next level.  Whether yours is spacious family home or a small apartment, they’re a popular way to add a touch of sophistication and style.

Provided the surface of the wall is flat and clean, mouldings can be retro-fitted.  So, in the case of a house renovation, you can create something stunning without any structural changes.

2. Pretty with Paint

We can’t go past paint for creating mood and tone, and changing the look of any area.

We all know the basics: light colours make a room feel big, bright and airy, while darker tones feel cozy and create mood and atmosphere.  But when it comes to colour, it’s all about personal preference – there are no rights or wrongs.  

If bold is what you want, use bright colours to create a statement.  Painting doors in a contrasting colour such as black or dark blue is a great way to draw attention to architectural details and make the room look extra classy.

If subtle is your style, consider painting walls and trims all the same colour.  A room with consistent colour is easy on the eyes and helps to blend architectural details to create an overall luxe feel.

3. Update the Hardware

This has to be the oldest trick in the book, but updating handles and draw-pulls is a fool-proof way to make your cabinetry look expensive.

For many folks in North London, house renovation is a major financial undertaking and this little shortcut can make your ready-made furniture look like custom-built cabinetry.  

4. Experiment with Texture

Get a bit creative when it comes to bringing textures into your home.  Natural fibers are right on trend, so look for statement furniture pieces that feature rattan, seagrass, stone, cotton, linen, glass, leather, etc. etc.  Remember, it’s about the feel as well as the look.

You don’t necessarily need to have everything all matchy-matchy.  We’re often told that variety is the spice of life, so why not give your guests (and yourself) the ultimate luxury experience by contrasting fabrics and textures.  

And hey, if your purse doesn’t go as far as genuine leather ottomans and expensive woolen throws, jazz up your room with faux leather cushions and a chunky floor rug.  Again, it’s about stretching the boundaries and thinking outside the box – your items don’t have to have hefty price tags to look beautiful.

5. Less is More

To create that ultimate high-end feel, you’ll need to de-clutter.  While we’re not suggesting you need to go ultra-minimalist, it’s important to remove all that visual noise and just have one or two bits-n-bobs that take the limelight.

A few well chosen and thoughtfully placed furniture pieces and ornaments is better than a room full of odds and ends, so put the emotion aside and decide what’s going to be packed away for now.

6. Layer with Lighting

Use lighting to add another dimension to your room.  Think of your lighting in layers: natural lighting first, then different layers of artificial lighting.

Your artificial lighting could include pendant lights, lamps and feature lighting.  Think dimmable lights to create mood, bright lights for working areas, and candles to add that touch of romance and comfort.

7. Bring Nature Inside

Decorating with plants has become hugely popular, and when it comes to house refurbishment, London homeowners are bringing a piece of nature inside to add that finishing touch.  

Don’t have green fingers?  No need to stress!  Even if you’re a newbie to the world of houseplants, there are plenty of hardy, indoor plants that will thrive indoors with minimal attention.  

8. Oversized Artwork

Large wall art is another standard trick used by designers to lift the image of a room.  But there’s no need to let your artwork break the bank.

Check around your local thrift stores for a piece that suits your taste – remember, frames can easily be repaired and repainted.  

Alternatively, get creative and paint something yourself: a large canvas and a medium that suits your style is all you need to produce something abstract – you might even surprise yourself with what you can turn out!

Want more tips on taking the interior of your home up a notch?  Talk to the team at Combit Constructions.  With a wealth of experience and expertise under our belt, we can help you create that dream home without spending a fortune.  

Zack Neur
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