Apartment Remodel Ideas: Tenant-Approved Project

Apartment Remodel Ideas – When you want to attract qualified, quality tenants to your apartment complex, you must ensure their first impressions of the property are perfect. Beyond ensuring the units are awesome, making your property exterior charming and feature-filled becomes critical. Knowing what attractions and stylistic choices residents desire becomes the first step. To assist you, here are six apartment remodel ideas: 

Wildlife-Friendly Watering Holes

A space where wildlife surrounding your property can rehydrate and safely explore the complex is certain to be a surefire hit among your existing (and future) residents. However, knowing what plants, objects, and attractions will help bring the wildlife to these watering holes and building barriers that will keep residents from interfering with this space is vital if you take on this project. Doing your research ensures that you not only keep wildlife safe but do not accidentally attract an invasive species that will quickly become a problem for both management and the residents. 

Divine Lawn Care 

Presenting a well-maintained landscape that lacks weeds and is never dead is key to making your apartment complex feel welcoming. Especially when you’re trying to attract new residents from the curb, you need your property to look as polished, professional, and beautiful as humanly possible. Unfortunately, it can be tough to keep your complex up-to-snuff without dedicated staff to care for landscaping. Thankfully, there are many amazing professional landscaping companies that can take on that burden for you and ensure you have a complex that residents will be proud to call home. 

Community Garden Spaces

If you want your apartment to truly feel like a community, you need spaces where the residents can come together to be productive. Community garden spaces are one of the best ways of boosting the residents’ morale, and their sustainable, environmentally friendly nature shows your residents that you care about their living environment. Whether you intend people to garden flowers, harvest food, or plant something else in the community garden, the project will quickly create a buzz in the apartment complex. The more tight-knit you can make your apartment community, the more likely you are to keep your best residents on the property year after year. These gardens also provide a perfect way for residents to relax and unwind after a long day of work. 

The Perfect Dog Walking Path

Dogs are a staple of American life, and many people who live in apartment complexes own them. If your complex allows dogs but does not prepare for their needs, you’ll be doomed to a dirty complex that smells like dog waste. Installing a walking path that is easy for all your residents to access and then posting waste receptacles with free dog bags along the path will show your residents that you care about their pets’ well-being. Additionally, adding a dog park or other dog-friendly space on top of the path will help seal the deal. If you want to attract residents who own pets, this is one of the most surefire ways. 

Drought-Tolerant Planting Projects 

When you want to create a beautiful, plant-heavy landscape for your residents, the upkeep of keeping plants healthy and alive can be daunting. The task can become monumental if you live in a drought-heavy or extra-warm climate. Thankfully, there are many drought-tolerant plants out there that you can take advantage of if you need plants that will not cost you an arm and a leg to maintain. Cacti and wildflowers are trendy and can add a unique aesthetic to your apartment complex. Be sure to consider them when selecting the drought-resistant and tolerant plants that will keep your apartment complex gorgeous. 

Shade-Boosting Trees

If you want your complex’s exterior to be comfortable on hot summer days, you need shade-heavy areas for your residents to enjoy. Planting trees that will provide plenty of shade can help protect your gardens and other heat-sensitive plants as well. Plenty of beautiful, easy-to-maintain, and shade-providing trees you can provide in bulk if you do not mind taking a few years to grow them. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can spend more to get fully-grown trees implanted around your apartment complex’s property. 

Perfect Your Apartment Complex 

With these six strategies and projects, you can perfect the style and appeal of your apartment complex. Especially for tenants who are shopping for their next residence by simply driving by complexes, the look of a property is critical to their decision. Therefore, if you want to attract as many quality residents as possible, you must take the upkeep and style of your apartment complex’s landscaping seriously – Apartment Remodel Ideas

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