Be Prepared: What You Should Organise Before Moving Into A New Build

Purchasing a new home is a momentous moment. Some might refer to it as the start of a new chapter. For many soon-to-be homeowners, their new home will likely be a new build property.

In recent years, new build homes becoming more popular than period properties. Being the first person to live in a property is more appealing for some. Others prefer new builds because of the look and layout, whilst many might like how they are more energy efficient.

Regardless, there are a few things soon-to-be owners of a new build need to remember. Being as organised as possible before the moving day will help reduce stress and ease any anxious feelings experienced. These are some things that should be organised before moving into your new home.

Organise Demonstrations

In the lead-up to moving, contact the housebuilders to ask for a homeowners pack. This pack will include all the relevant information you need to know and have about your soon-to-home. Along with the pack, ask if it is possible to arrange a date for demonstrations in your new home. Ask them to show you where the smoke detectors are located in the house and if they are working correctly. Ask them to demonstrate how any appliances included in the property work and the heating. All of these demonstrations should be done correctly and not be rushed. If you feel as though they are being rushed, do not hesitate to speak up. This will soon be your new home, so you want to ensure that you have all the relevant information and feel comfortable about moving in.

Getting A Warranty

Before moving in, consider how you will keep your home protected. Alarms and cameras can help capture and notify you of any issues. These will help to keep you and your belongings as safe as possible. However, it is essential that you consider having measures in place to protect the property‚Äôs overall structure. Look at finding new build warranty providers to get a warranty to help protect your home. Consider using sites like Buildsafe to find a provider for a new build warranty. These measures will help cover the cost of any expensive building work that needs to be completed.

Take Note Of Any Issues

When you get the chance to look around your property before moving, ensure that you take notes and photographs of any issues and concerns that you might have, it could be issued with any appliances or problems with the doors and windows. Highlighting these issues the moment you see them can help resolve them sooner rather than later. Although it might contribute to a delay in you moving into the property, it will help to ensure that you are moving into a home with minimal issues. It will also help remove any stresses you will experience on moving days or the days following.

Moving into a new build home is the start of an exciting chapter. Although moving into a new property can be stressful, knowing what mistakes to avoid and being organised beforehand will help to make the process as smooth as possible. It allows you to enjoy as much of the process as you begin settling into your new home.

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