Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Bohemian Home Decor Ideas – Bohemian designs are undeniably alluring. The perfect bohemian home cannot exist as the interior design style rejects perfectionism. It is an intricately beautiful design detached from the brightness of minimalism and Scandinavian design. Instead of empty spaces and stark contrasts, bohemian homes focus on eclecticism and comfort. Bohemian homes primarily rely on a coveted relaxed styling to set the room. No “boho” item can replace a curated space and natural light, but hopefully, these pieces will help add the extra element you are missing in your home:

Turkish Rugs – Bohemian Home Decor

            Nothing says “boho” like a large, colorful Turkish rug. Bohemian homes play on the relaxed and comfy aesthetic, and few items are more of these qualities than a beautiful and extravagant rug. Turkish rugs are very popular and can be found on any website, both in brand new and vintage conditions. They also come in a great variety, ensuring that there is one out there for any bohemian enthusiast. Adding a rug to a room also gives you the opportunity to mix texture and color into the room. If your furniture is more simple and muted, adding a brightly patterned rug can bring more life into the room. Consider adding some floor pillows and poufs to increase the comfiness aspect of your bohemian dream house. And if your room is too colorful (nearly impossible for a bohemian home), you could also consider a natural jute rug.

Rattan Coffee Table – Bohemian Home Decor

Furniture Smart Immaculate Coffee Table Rectangular Rattan Coffee

            A living room is never complete without a coffee table, and a bohemian living room is never complete without a rattan coffee table. Rattan emulates the casual style that bohemian home designs covet. Rattan is a plant that is strong, durable, and versatile. Its natural touch is never lost, even after it is made into furniture. In addition, rattan coffee tables come in an endless variety of styles and finishes, so there is the perfect rattan coffee table for everyone.


            The pandemic has left many people confined to their homes, and in our desperate need for greenery, houseplants have skyrocketed in popularity. After all, what is there not to love? Houseplants are not only beautiful, but they are also good for your air quality. With a little watering and care, house plants make homes fresher and brighter. Having houseplants has also been proven to relax and calm plant owners. There are no rules in what plants you should have in your home but consider multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Having some greenery will add to the liveliness of any bohemian space.

            Plants are arguably the best bohemian decor item. Your houseplant decor is largely dependent on your space, so this decor item is very customizable. In addition, the bohemian motto is “more is more” so feel free to go wild. A large Monstera will look beautiful in any dim corner. You can also suspend some smaller pothos from the ceiling or sprinkle them around the shelves in your home. With plants, the world is your oyster. Some greenery can definitely brighten your oasis.

Natural Fiber Lighting Fixtures

            Natural lighting is important to bohemian homes, but so is artificial lighting. Bohemian style lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and colors but opting for natural fibers allows you to maintain the famous earthy accent of bohemian style. For spaces with higher ceilings, consider a rattan rope light that extends downwards.

This will maintain the bohemian style without sacrificing function. For floor lamps, opt for one that derives from a natural fiber like bamboo. Woven fixtures are also common for the top of your dining room or kitchen island. They are a statement but will perfectly accompany any bohemian home. A more abstract approach can be found in a fabric ceiling light.

They are subtly bohemian but just as charming. If you think it all is a bit too much, perhaps a rattan base to a neutral lampshade is the perfect subtle touch you are looking for. Emphasizing natural materials will make any light fixture that hangs, stands, or sits in your house the perfect addition.


            Bohemian homes always focus on how more is more. It is a style that embraces maximalism, and there are no rules to it. Unfortunately, that can mean that there is also an accumulation of items. Fear not for the most functional and sensible bohemian decor is a basket. They are extremely versatile and boho-friendly, especially if they are made with wicker or another natural fiber. Baskets come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. They are the perfect excuse to detract from minimalism. Everything you love has value so keep everything! Just put it in baskets to organize it, and no one will ever know – Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

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