Consider Hiring a Gutter Installation and Eavestrough Repair Company

Houses can have a lot of problems; the biggest of which may potentially be a messed up foundation. Something wrong with the bottom of your house can devastate you and your family, and little do most people know that the problems at the bottom-most likely start at the top – your gutters.

General Costs

Rotting carpets in cheap basements is a common smell in my memory. I must not be alone, as flooding and rot are two big things that leaky roofs and bag gutters can cause ( Though it may smell nostalgic, it may also indicate that you’ve got a nasty mold infestation or possibly even worse.

Depending on where you live, there is usually a common material and type of roof and its fixings. For instance, I live in New Mexico where most homes and businesses are made out of adobe, thus the roofs have a specific, adobe-friendly trough around the top of the house.

Though the upfront cost may seem pricey, I think it’ll pay for it in the long run. When installed right, these things may cost between five and twenty-five dollars every few feet of gutter. The size of your house or how much work you want will impact it, as well.

Seamless vs Non-seamless Gutters

Though there are dozens of styles, gutters typically fall underneath these two, main types. One of them is more of a trough-like you’d see holding food or water for cattle on the farm, while the other is the type, you’re more likely to see on the side of the road to collect rainwater. However, both are also types of roof fixtures.

You’re definitely more likely to see seamless, as they are much more attractive, as you can see here. They are also extremely less likely to clog, due to their design, which means less repair and fewer costs of replacement in case of any damage to your home. And in terms of style, it offers the most types and materials, ranging from cheap to extravagant.

Non-seamless are not custom-made, unlike the opposite, meaning you’ll need to find a contractor who can fit premade pieces into your existing infrastructure. When you’re researching and hiring a contractor for this type of work, make sure you check their online reputation as non-seamless gutters can be done very quickly and have been known to be installed incorrectly quite often.

Why NOT to Do-It-Yourself (aka DIY)

If you’re looking to take on the work yourself, you should think about the large amount of work before you as this is a highly technical skill ( Some people (most, if you ask me) would prefer having a professional take care of it, and the main reason why is time.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a job – which means your time is constrained as it is quite valuable. It’s a big project and not everyone can devote the time needed to do it right. Also, plenty of Americans are senior citizens or have disabilities, making it impossible to do such a demanding task themselves.

Depending on what your roof looks like and what style of gutter or eaves-through you want, you’ll save money in the long run by having professionals take care of it for you. Some companies even offer free installation when you’re communicative and willing to work with the company to get the best work possible.

Foundation Problems Are a Thing of the Past

Foundation problems can be a costly issue your family or bank account isn’t ready to take under, right now, considering the current economy. A roof that leaks will cause foundational rot and sagging, which could be detrimental and even dangerous for you and your family. Cracks, leaks, and everything in between can be a thing of the past with the right roof fixtures.

Gutters are important because they keep the rain away from the outside of your house. It if gathers around the foundation like a moat, the water will slowly damage and erode the stonework and cause flooding inside.

Eavestroughs are important because, when properly designed and installed, they keep water from the outside of the house as well. They are the exact same function as gutters, but these guys are more like rudimentary troughs than anything else. They are usually more affordable, but depending on the situation can be just as effective.

Your Trees May Be Causing Problems

Fun fact or maybe not-so-fun: if you have a lot of trees on your property, they’re probably clogging your gutters. You can call Guardian Eavestrough repair if your troughs have clogging problems. Typically that’s not the case as gutters clog more often than troughs.

Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also be financially problematic. Clogged gutters happen occasionally, but they will be a much bigger issue if you’ve got trees. Add weather like ice and snow on top of that, and you can have some serious problems with your roof and therefore, foundation.

There are several ways professionals can help prevent clogging due to leaves and debris and defending in your area. Those ways differ in both price and physical infrastructure. Most of the time, a thin-mesh wire netting put over the top of your fixtures can do the trick, but ask a professional what they think is best.

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