10 Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

A well-designed outdoor space can be an excellent extension of your house. It provides an additional space to relax, entertain and enjoy family time. However, creating the perfect backyard can be challenging, especially when you do not have previous experience. Read on for 10 design tips for transforming your outdoor space into a personal oasis.

Define the purpose of the space

Before making any changes to your space, you should define how you currently use the backyard and intend to use it in the future. To evaluate the purpose of your backyard, consider: 

  • Who will be using the backyard
  • Whether you have children and pets
  • If you want a quiet space to relax and unwind
  • Whether you will be entertaining guests, and if so, how many people you intend to host

By being clear about the function of your outdoor space, you can easily choose accessories, furniture, or planting that align with your needs. Contact Royal Decks and Landscapes to help make your backyard beautiful and functional.

Establish traffic patterns and flow

Think about how you intend to access the area from the house and how you will navigate through the backyard. This helps you develop a layout for the space. Once you establish an ideal design, you can build traffic patterns by creating borders, walkways, and paths.

Declutter the space

Creating the perfect outdoor space does not have to be expensive and complicated. You could simply clear out the clutter to make the backyard more attractive. Store anything you do not need, remove twigs, leaves, and debris, and clean the decking, patio, and furniture. Be sure to mow and edge the grass neatly, prune overgrown trees and hedges, and recycle or get rid of broken furniture and accessories.

Add outdoor lighting

One of the most effective ways to add character and create an ambiance in your backyard is by investing in outdoor lighting. Lighting also extends the time you and your family can spend outdoors while enhancing security. Instead of relying on the security lights in your house, consider

  • Installing sconces on columns and pillars 
  • Adding path lights around your seating area 
  • Installing citronella candles to add ambiance and repel mosquitoes

Install a water element

Water creates a sense of peace and tranquility in your backyard. You could consider adding a pool to your outdoor space if your budget allows it. A pool can provide you with an area to relax and cool off on a hot summer afternoon. It also increases the value of your home, making your property more appealing to buyers. When working under a tight budget, you could add a small waterfall or fountain to make your backyard stand out.

Build an outdoor Kitchen

If you love spending more time outdoors or entertaining guests, you should consider investing in an outdoor kitchen. You do not even have to build a complete cookhouse! You could just ensure that you have key kitchen elements such as the prep space and something to cook on and keep things cool. This could be a table or counter, built-in grill, ice bucket, or refrigerator. 

Build a firepit

You do not have to retreat to the house when the sun goes down or avoid your backyard during the cold weather. Build a firepit and stay cozy and warm in your outdoor space. You could either buy a custom-made fire pit or use gravel and angled pavers for the base to create a beautiful addition to your exterior space.

Shield the sun

If you have a sunny backyard, you should plan on how to shield it to avoid making yourself, your family, or guests squint. Determine how the sun hits your yard, then arrange your outdoor furniture in the direction that keeps it out of everyone’s eyes. You could also consider building a pergola and adding curtains to create shade, especially when you live in an area that experiences extended periods of sunshine.

Build an inviting sitting area

The sitting arrangement is one of the most crucial elements of a perfect outdoor space. It should be cozy and comfortable enough to allow you to entertain guests and relax on a peaceful solitary evening. Be sure to add plenty of tables and appropriate seating if you intend to dine and entertain guests. You could also add an outdoor rug to enable you to enjoy barefoot time, invest in pillows to create a unique look or add a fresh coat of paint to the existing furniture to improve your yard’s aesthetic appeal.

Plant greenery and flowers

Flowers and greenery add beauty and color to your backyard. An outdoor garden and potted plants also give your outdoor space depth. However, do your due diligence before choosing plants and flowers for your backyard. You should consider how big the plants will grow and the space, sun, and water they require to blossom. 


Everyone enjoys the time spent outdoors, especially during the summer season. Implement the above strategies to give your family and guests a perfect outdoor space they will love and enjoy in the season ahead!

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