List of Essential Power Tools That You Must Have

As the name implies, power tools are machines or devices powered by an additional source or mechanism such as electricity, gas, steam engines, internal combustion engines, etc. Some of the power tools are also powered by hydro or wind power. Regardless of the power source, these power tools promise improved efficiency and productivity in construction workers, manual labourers, gardeners, or even household workers.

Power tools are designed and manufactured to serve different purposes and add ease to the life of workers. They are commonly used to cut pieces of different materials, fasten bolts and nuts, and many more. Some of the power tools are also available as grinding tools, sanding tools, and shaping tools. There are also power tools for applying polished finish to different materials, painting, and heating.

These uses prove that the power tools are a must-have for everyone that spends time around machines or DIY projects. Hence, in this article, we have collected different types of essential power tools that you can have for your work.


Plasma cutters

No matter you work in automotive repair or construction, a plasma cutter can be a highly useful tool. Here we have a list of the best plasma cutters that you should own. 

Lotos ltp5000d 50amp non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter

It is the best plasma cutter in the market and it makes use of the pilot arc technology allowing you to efficiently cut different materials. Its non-touch design makes it easier to produce precise cuts. 

Apart from that, there is 10-50 amp dc output which allows you to make ½ inch cut or ¾ inch cuts. And for maximum severe cuts, you get 200/240 volts. It is very easy to adjust and use this tool as there are a pre-installed npt1/4 inch and d type plug. Also, there is an air filter that compresses air and keeps the working environment clean. 

There is no problem with overheating in this plasma cutter as it is installed with a papst advanced cooling system. Hence you can use this machine for a long time without overheating it. It can be used on regular basis and are worth your money. 

This plasma cutter will let you cut materials like copper, mild steel, aluminium, alloy steel as well as stainless steel. High power output lets you cut even thick metals very easily! 

Prime weld 3 in 1, 50-amp plasma cutter

This is a 3 in 1 plasma cutter featuring a tig and a stick welding feature. Its 3 in 1 technology helps you work with different types of metal such as cast iron, mild steel, aluminum and many more. 

Also, you can weld stainless steel or magnesium using its 200a tig torch. Also, 200 amp stick welding allows you to repair small repairs very easily. This is an energy-efficient plasma cutter and saves both money and energy. 

Apart from that, it has a modern design and its 60% duty cycle allows you to work even for a long time. One good thing about ct520d is that its torch is prevented from warping. 

Reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw refers to any saw however the term is used mostly to describe a two-handed cutting saw. A reciprocating saw can easily cut material like wooden fixtures, branches, and wooden planks using its back & forth motion. If you get a right blade as well as saw then you can even use it to cut things such as plastic, piping, as well as a sheet.

Black+decker bdcr20c 20v max reciprocating saw

This reciprocating saw is equipped with a 20-volt battery which makes it a decent auditpowertool. Apart from that, it offers a total of 3000spm power output to offer precise cuts. A constructor or worker can even adjust the speed according to their need. Also, this reciprocating saw lets you change blade from time to time and are very easy to handle.

Milwaukee 6509-31 12 amp Sawzall reciprocating saw kit

This is another best reciprocating saw in the store which is meant for heavy-duty work. It is a corded reciprocating saw and so it reduces the mobility of the worker. But as the machine is corded, hence it draws power directly from the outlet and are fairly powerful when compared to another reciprocating saw.

There is a 12-amp motor and pretty cool finishes and cuts can be produced using this saw. The maximum power output of this saw is 3000spm. Since this is a hefty tool, it will survive for a longer time. There is a clutch that reduces pressure on the gears and motor.

Electric chainsaw

When you hear the word chainsaw, the first thing that comes to your mind is a gas-guzzling tool with too much noise. But the electric chainsaw offers a great cutting experience without having to deal with noisy motor or smell of gas.

Makita uc4051a 16″ electric chain saw

This is a popular electric chainsaw in the market. It is best for beginners and comes with various features. This tool can even cut tough objects very easily because of the high power feature. You can cut anything from shrubbery, to bench, etc.

For beginners, this is a comfortable to use and safe electric chainsaw. The grip is made comfortable as it is covered with rubber and even if you use it for long, your hands won’t get sore. There are no issues like burning out of the motor in this chainsaw. There is a built-in limiter that slows down the chainsaw automatically as it detects too much juice overflowing from the tool.

Remington rm1425 limb n trim 8 amp 14-inch lightweight corded electric chainsaw

This is a well made chainsaw and quite small in size as compared to the other chainsaw. This tool is made to easily work even in tight spaces such as ladder or garage. The weight is not so much and you can use it easily without getting your hand sore.

You can easily cut thick wood pieces and other materials using this electric chainsaw. There is no headache of manually adding oil in this tool as the oil applies automatically on pressing the button.


This was all about the best power tools and their reviews; there are more tools like impact driver and miter saw, etc. You can head over to auditpowertools as they provide useful guides and reviews about the best power tools in the market. Thus, you can easily get the right tool for your construction or automotive work. You can compare the features of the tools and buy the best tools under your budget very easily! All of these power tools are designed to offer safety along with high performance. We hope this article was useful and helped you know about the best power tools in the market!

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