3 Do’s And 2 Don’ts Of Home Window Replacements

Apart from breakage and cracks, there are several other reasons why you may need to do window replacements. One of them is if you’re doing an entire home renovation. The second is if they’re outdated and you want to upgrade them to measure up to current trends. Also, you can replace your windows if they get damaged by bad weather like a storm. 

Whatever drives you to replace your windows, it’s important to know what to do and what not to do. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of window replacements:


Construction worker repairing window in house

Below are three things you need to consider when replacing your windows:

Have A Variety of Options

Before selecting any design for residential window replacement, it’s advisable to start with several alternatives, analyze them, and then choose the best one. First and foremost, figure out why exactly you don’t want your existing windows. Then, explore all the options in the market and decide the way forward. 

For instance, if you have outdated windows, like the antique ones, you can try replacing them with single or double hang windows, among many others. If you’re doing the replacement because your current windows are broken, you may either upgrade them or replace them with the same type. 

If you still want to maintain the old style, you can look for an upgrade that looks similar to your own. After all, it might be 20 years or so since the initial windows were installed, and you may not find the same design on the market.

While at it, ensure that the new ones are more durable and energy-efficient. If you have no idea how to go about the process and the associated costs, consult a professional interior designer. These experts will advise and guide you toward purchasing your ideal replacement window.

Match The Windows To Your House’s Design

A window might look highly appealing in the shop, but this doesn’t mean it will look equally beautiful in your home. Your home’s style should be your guide when choosing your replacement window. Matching the window design to your home’s exterior considerably boosts curb appeal. 

Your first task is to visually inspect your home and categorize it as either modern or traditional. Also, define its shape, color, and design. You can use these details to determine the appropriate window type. For example, if you own a Tudor-style house, you can consider going for a double hang or casement window. The latter helps highlight the house’s outstanding features, like the dark wood timbering. It also helps show that the lower part of the house is made of bricks. 

Another example is the new England Colonial design house style which would look best if you chose the double-hung windows. Failure to match the windows to your house’s design might create an eye sore or a visually overwhelming look.

Go For A Renowned Window Replacement Company

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If you decide that the window replacement process won’t be a do-it-yourself activity, you should choose a suitable company known for its excellent work quality and customer service. If possible, choose a company specializing in window replacement only.

The reason is that when a company specializes in selling a particular good or service, it strives to gain a competitive advantage by providing the best services. This is unlike companies that provide a considerably wide range of services.

Ideally, when you consult a good window replacement company, they’ll advise you on the different windows that fit the style of your home, guide you through the selection process, and send staff to install the windows for you at the agreed price.


Here are some of the things that you should avoid when doing window replacement for your home:

Choosing The Exact Same Window

You probably have stayed with your windows for years before deciding to replace them. Over this period, new trends in window designs must have emerged. While replacing your windows with the same window type seems to be the most practical option, there are more benefits if you opt to change it entirely.

So, get an upgrade of your existing windows, even if the difference in style is minimal. Try and go for an energy-efficient one to maximize your HVAC system at home. This could help you save thousands on electricity bills. You can also choose another color to give your home a pleasant ambiance and improve the overall aesthetics.

Ignoring Security Features

By all means, don’t focus too much on aesthetics and overlook security needs. You need to go for replacement windows that have incorporated security features. If you compromise on this, then you’re actually setting up your home for effortless break-ins.

Most of all, ensure that the windows are made of high-quality materials. The most common window materials are wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. Fiberglass and aluminum are more durable and stronger compared to wood and vinyl. They don’t rust, corrode, rot, or warp easily. Thus, they can serve you for well over two decades. 

The window style you go for is also key in determining how secure your home will be. Picture windows are considered the best. They’re immovable, and the only way through them is by breaking the glass, which is a risky undertaking. 

Other designs that promote safety are awning, casement, and hopper windows. This is because they have hinges at the frame’s bottom, side, and top. To open them, you need to push them outwards, meaning a burglar on the outside will find it difficult to pull them open. 

Still, make sure you install strong locks and use double or triple glass windows for maximum security.


You definitely want to stay in an environment where you’re comfortable and safe. Replacing your windows does exactly this. It helps in improving the overall look and ambiance of your home. And if you choose your new windows properly, they can also add more security features to your home. While at it, you’d want to follow the best practices discussed above. Ultimately, your home’s value will increase, and you’ll enjoy your new windows for years to come.

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