Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips For A Healthier, Happier Home

Living in an eco-friendly home is better for your health because you’re not surrounded by nasty chemicals and toxins. Research shows that 47% of people want to do as much as possible to be more environmentally friendly. But when people decorate their homes, they often forget or fail to take into consideration eco-friendly design tips. So, let’s find out what the best ways are to decorate in an eco-friendly way.

Stick with zero-VOC paint

Wallpaper may look nice, but the paste you use to hang it on your walls is anything but. Common ingredients in wallpaper paste are arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and tin, so it’s not an eco-friendly product. Stick with painting your walls instead, but make sure you choose zero-VOC paint. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that can cause health problems, such as respiratory issues, kidney damage, and nausea. They’re also bad for the environment and contribute to air pollution. You can be even greener by choosing a paint that’s reflective as you may be able to reduce your heating and lighting costs.

Recycle furniture where possible

Americans spend around $6,000 annually on furniture for their homes. You might think that wooden furniture is automatically eco-friendly, but this isn’t always the case. Furniture made from wood that’s from a sustainably-managed forest is what you’re looking for because it’s renewable. A better eco-friendly option is to recycle furniture and turn it into new pieces. You could recycle the furniture that you already have or buy second-hand pieces and upcycle them. After sanding down and sprucing up old furniture, you’ll need to do a thorough clean-up so that your property is clean and hygienic. Don’t be tempted by traditional cleaning products that contain chemicals as they could cause allergies and respiratory problems. Green cleaning products shouldn’t irritate the skin or throat because they’re much gentler, so use these instead. Green cleaning is common practice in commercial buildings as it’s healthier for workers. Cleaning in the same way at home will limit your exposure to chemicals and further protect your health.

Think carefully about your choice of flooring

Carpets may be cozy, but most carpets aren’t eco-friendly. They’re usually made from plastic fibers that aren’t good for the environment. If you want a carpet, choose one made from undyed wool or recyclable materials. Some of the best eco-friendly flooring options available include cork, linoleum, and bamboo. Bamboo is great for rooms that are used a lot as it’s very durable and hardy. It’s typically twice as hardy as oak flooring. This means you won’t need to replace your floor as often, making it a great environmentally friendly option.

There’s so much to consider when you want to live an eco-friendly life. This includes doing all you can to decorate in an eco-friendly way. From simple things such as choosing green decorative props to big paint jobs, you need to think about every item you choose and see whether there’s a greener alternative.

Kevin Darabont
I am a freelance writer who loves to craft, home decor improvement, and active DIYers. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the world and learn new things everyday.