Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2022

There’s no shortage of great ways to decorate your home for Christmas. In fact, the hard part is often choosing what kind of decorations you don’t want dotting the rooms and hallways of your home. Whatever your Christmas decorating tastes, it’s important to have decorations that leave a lasting impression on your family and any guests you’ll have over to celebrate the holidays.

If you’ve got candy canes and gingerbread on your brain, we’ve collected a handful of the most creative and unique Christmas decoration ideas for 2022. Whether you set them up by yourself or get the whole family involved, they’re sure to inject some holiday cheer into your home as the coveted day draws near.

Find New Places for Ornaments

Ornaments are a staple of every Christmas tree, but that shouldn’t keep you from finding new places to hang them. Create a hanging centrepiece of ornaments above your kitchen table, or turn a coat hanger into a secondary Christmas tree to spread the festive joy all around your house. If you have an abundance of ornaments that rarely make it to the tree, this can be a great opportunity to finally take them out of their box and let them shine.

Light Up Your Kitchen

While a lit-up Christmas tree is always a sight to behold, most guests aren’t going to be huddled around it all night. The kitchen is the room that gets the most attention during the holidays, with all the delicious food coming out of it. This opens up a perfect opportunity to decorate it accordingly. String some lights around your cabinets, light fixtures, or on the underside of countertops to give your kitchen a seasonal glow.

Get Crafty with Some Mason Jars

Two jars on a windowsill

Many families have Mason jars lying around kitchen cabinets, waiting for the day someone suddenly decides to get into pickling. Christmas is the perfect time to dust off those jars and turn them into crafty decorations. Whether you fill them with twinkly string lights, a miniature Christmas tree, or other holiday trinkets, you’ll have a new display piece for your mantle or countertops.

Buy a Boldly Colored Tree

Christmas trees for sale

Green Christmas trees, natural or not, are a timeless part of the season. If you really want to make your decorations pop, however, consider buying a tree that’s a shade most people wouldn’t expect. Artificial trees come in a wide variety of colors, with white being popular in many households. Bright pink and shimmery gold trees are also available for those who want to be bold. Whatever color you choose, it’s sure to make all other decorations feel more distinct and help Christmas at your house feel unique.

Throw Around Some Holiday Throw Pillows

Now that ornaments are strewn all over the house and the kitchen is lit up, give your couches some holiday cheer with a set of Christmas throw pillows. Most box stores have a wide selection of festive pillows to choose from, and whatever you choose is sure to make your living space more cheerful than before.

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