Get Your AC Ready for the Summer

Summer is about to arrive. Chiefly for those living in hot areas, it’s time to check if everything is alright with the AC system. Don’t be like those homeowners who only remember maintenance when pipes begin to crack, and bills fly off to the moon. Stay ahead of avoidable problems with your AC by following the tips in this article. Alternatively, book your air conditioning repair for your broken ac in Forest Hills, MI.

The Air You Breathe

First of all, overlooking your AC maintenance can be dangerous to your health and everybody at home. The situation is even more delicate if there are people with respiratory diseases in the house, such as asthma and allergies. 

It means that your AC must be cleaned regularly. Even if you haven’t been using it much lately, it’s advisable to give it a good clean-up before the hottest days arrive.

If it’s your first time cleaning your AC, follow the tips below for cleaning it safely. 

Clean/Replace the Filters

Filters are a vital part of your AC system, as they’re responsible for keeping the air clean. Their purpose is defeated when they get clogged with debris, dust, and dirt. Eventually, it’ll not only stop filtering the air but will also release hazardous particles with it.

Filters can be cleaned or, in worst cases, replaced. But, they should still be dealt with regularly. A clogged filter will also be less efficient in controlling the airflow, making the entire system work harder. Don’t be mistaken: it’ll show in your energy bill, as a dirty filter can take from 5% to 15% of your appliance’s efficiency away.

How to Maintain the Condenser

The condenser unit is typically located outdoors, exposing it to clogs, impacts, and other damaging situations. Condensers can get obstructed by leaves, grass from mown lawns, and all sorts of debris from your outdoor area. 

Keep the surroundings of your unit free from debris, grass, and other plants. Get a coil cleaner, which you’ll find in pretty much any air refrigerator shop. Use a soft brush for this task. Flush the coil aftward and let it dry, but don’t use a hose for it. 

How to Take Care of the Fins

Fins collect a lot of dust over time. As they’re mostly outdoors, they can also be obstructed by dirt and debris. If this happens, it’ll have pretty much the same effect as a clogged filter: poor quality air and higher bills. 

Fins can also bend and get out of shape while exposed to the elements. You can brush them with a special brush to straighten them up. It will keep air flowing free and improve overall efficiency. 

The Evaporator Coil and Drain

Cleaning the evaporator coil will require you to open your AC. It’s a straightforward procedure, though, which only involves removing a few screws. Dust the coil with a soft brush, then apply a coil cleaner spray. 

For the drain, you can use hot water, regular soap, and bleach. Flush the drain with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water in a cup. The bleach will help to prevent algae from growing within the system. 

Enjoying the Best Part of the Summer

Hot days are great when we’re on the beach, by a river, or even in a pool. However, roasting away inside your own house isn’t the best way to spend the season in the year. Make sure that your home feels fresh and nice, and leave the scorching temperatures for when you go swimming.

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