Helpful tips on using decoration to conceal eyesores  

When constructing new establishments, whether residential or commercial, building owners put a lot of effort when designing and decorating. Attention to every little detail makes a lot of difference.  

However, functional components can sometimes be an eyesore and hard to blend with the interior. What can you do with that unsightly fixture ruining the essence of your living room? How can you hide your air conditioning system?    

Some functional systems like an old fuse box can destroy your property’s interior aesthetic. But incorporating these parts into your interior design isn’t as complicated as you thought. Here are some techniques and DIY decorations on how you can conceal these functional eyesores.   

Replace Old Fuse Box with Wall Access Panels   

Your electrical system is one of the important fixtures in your establishment or home. The main electrical switches should be concealed and kept away from unauthorized personnel. When thinking about hiding the main electrical controls, a rusty metal box instantly pops into your mind. Scratch that traditional idea and install a wall access panel instead.    

The best thing about a wall access panel is that it doesn’t protrude through the wall, which is an instant eyesore and safety risk. Professionals install wall access panels through the wall with a seamless finish. You can also paint the access door to match the wall’s paint color or choose from the different designs available that will suit your establishment’s interior.    

A Vintage Inspired Air Conditioning Cover   

Air conditioners are great for cooling your home or business space, especially in summer. Still, they can affect your carefully considered design scheme differently—especially for homeowners who don’t want to spend the cold months staring at their air conditioning systems right in the face. You can conceal any AC behind an attractive cover with little effort. You can create a unique covering inspired by vintage patterns to give it a more appealing look.    

To do this, you can use a simple box frame, laser-cut wood panels, and a dash of white paint, and you’ve got an air conditioner cover with a bit of vintage flair.    

Modern Radiator Shelf   

Dusty old radiators are also up there with air conditioners for common establishment eyesores, and buying an extensive, boxy radiator cover can feel like trading one design idea with another. So why not create a lovely distraction, like a wooden shelf that hangs on top of your radiator? You can try creating a wooden ledge inspired by midcentury designs set off at an accurate height to draw your attention away from the radiator and toward an array of artistic designs. When doing this, create extra space between the radiator and the bottom of the shelf. Not doing so can create a fire hazard, and you don’t want that.   

Stairs For Extra Storage   

Who would’ve thought you could create more functional space with your stairs. This design can significantly benefit you, primarily if your home consists of smaller areas. Most people often neglect the space beneath your staircase. You may not know that your staircase can be an ideal spot for cabinets and drawers. Building cabinets underneath your staircase offers an adequate space to stash shoes and other eyesore things in your home or establishment. With its simple hardware and detailing, you’d have no idea there’s storage hiding underneath.    

Trash Cabinet   

Some modern kitchens come with built-in trash drawers. But if yours doesn’t, you can quickly build one without spending much money on kitchen refurbishing.   

This trendy trash cabinet lets you place your trash bin wherever it makes sense. This style is excellent if you want to replicate the idea on a deck or in a kid’s craft room. You can try creating a pull-out cabinet where you can place trash bins. If you’re handy, you can buy a larger cost-friendly cabinet or console and change the hinges to build a complete recycling and trash station. This creative hack won’t help you battle trash odors but may help you forget they exist for a while.   

Hide TV Chords   

We all have messy cords and cables in our homes or establishments that we wish we could hide. Unfortunately, TV cords from mounted devices are one of the most complex culprits.   

You can hide messy tv cables by placing a pile of aesthetically pleasing books in the space between the mounted television and console to conceal those unsightly tangled wires. This technique also works great over a fireplace or mantle. You can decorate it with items that are both attractive and expressive. You can incorporate derby-themed books, and soon enough, you’ll forget those pesky cords even exist.   

Conceal Thermostats   

You may need to control your cooling and heating system in your home or establishment, but that doesn’t mean you want to check the temperature every time you pass through the room.   

This creative hack is excellent if you have an older model that requires an update. You can purchase an old painting or photo that will match your room’s interior and add hinges to access the thermostat anytime. This idea applies if you want to conceal wall AC units and unsightly mounted televisions.   

Phone Charging Stations   

Recently, we all have multiple devices such as phones, pads, laptops, and others that you need to plug in regularly to charge. Finding space for all your mobile devices can be tricky and unappealing.   

One way to have a minimalistic look without wires all over the place is by creating an ingenious charging station or drawer, which takes organization to a new level. You can do this by drilling holes in the back of a kitchen or desk drawer, and you’ll never have to worry about where you placed your iPad. Pair this idea with fun desk decor, and you’ll be more productive than ever in your workspace.   


You can find and develop more tricks and methods to hide unwanted fixtures that can be an eyesore in your living space. With the help of imagination, creativity, and craftsmanship, you’ll figure out how to improve these areas in no time.  

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