Home Cooling Tips to Keep You Comfortable All Summer

Summer is definitely a time to enjoy the weather and the great outdoors with family and friends, but it can also be pretty hot and uncomfortable. If your home isn’t properly cooled, it can make for a very long and sticky summer. Nobody wants that. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to help keep your cool this summer.

Ensure Your AC is Properly Serviced

Your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to function properly. This means having a professional come and check it at least once a year, preferably in the spring. This will help you avoid any surprises come summertime. During your AC service appointment, the technician will:

  • Check the coolant levels and replenish if necessary
  • Clean the coils and fins
  • Clear the drain line and pan
  • Inspect the blower motor and belt
  • Test the thermostat to ensure it’s accurate
  • Replace the air filter

Cooling services Frisco, TX experts note that all of these tasks are important for keeping your air conditioner tuned up and in good shape. This way, you can avoid costly repairs down the road and have peace of mind knowing your AC will keep you cool all summer long.

Use Fans Wisely

Ceiling and floor fans can help circulate air and make your home feel cooler. However, if you have air conditioning, running a fan simultaneously can increase your energy bill. Use fans only when you need them and turn them off when you leave the room. The best time to use a fan is when you’re in the room and it’s blowing directly on you. 

This will help you feel cooler and more comfortable without using as much energy. Also, ensure they’re spinning in the right direction. If your ceiling fan is spinning counterclockwise, it will push cool air down, whereas a clockwise rotation will pull warm air up. You can also use fans more efficiently by placing them in front of open windows. This will help draw in cool air and circulate it throughout your home. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re still using an old-school thermostat, now is the time for an upgrade. A programmable thermostat allows you to set and schedule different temperatures for different times of the day, so you’re not cooling an empty house when you’re at work or school. You can also set it to raise the temperature a bit while you’re asleep so you’re not waking up in a sweat.

Installing a programmable thermostat is a quick and easy project that you can do yourself, and it will save you money on your energy bills all summer long. This extra expense will pay for itself in no time while making your indoors more comfortable.

Give Your Ducts a Boost

If your ducts are in good repair and properly insulated, they should be able to deliver cool air efficiently. But if they’re not, you may want to consider having them cleaned and/or sealed. If they’re drawing in enough cool air, consider installing a duct booster fan to help move the air through your home.

Opt for an easy plug-in-and-power-on design that will work with most HVAC systems and won’t require any wiring. Place it in the register vent and plug it in when you need a little extra cooling power during those humid summer days.

Let the Breeze In

During the cooler hours of the day, open your windows and doors to let in fresh air. At night, close everything up to keep the cool air inside. Remember that during hot weather, the air outside is often cooler than the air inside your home, so open your windows and doors to let in a breeze.

Ventilation is critical to keeping your home cool, so make sure you have good airflow. You don’t want anyone indoors experiencing heat exhaustion or dehydration, so keep an eye out for those symptoms in yourself and others. Use all the natural means possible to keep your home cool to lessen your reliance on air conditioning.

Cook Smarter

During summer, the last thing you want is to heat up your kitchen with a hot stove or oven. Instead, try grilling outdoors or eating cold foods like salads and sandwiches. If you must use your oven or stove, you can still keep your kitchen cooler by cooking multiple meals at once and freezing the extras. This way, you can just reheat a meal instead of cooking it from scratch when you’re feeling too hot to cook.

And if all else fails, order takeout or delivery. Who doesn’t love a summer night spent eating pizza on the couch with the air conditioner blasting? The ultimate goal is to minimize the use of heat-generating appliances inside your home so you can stay cool and comfortable during those particularly hot summer days.

Get Ready for Summer

When planning your summertime activities, don’t forget to schedule some time to prepare your home for the warmer months. A little bit of preparation now can help you avoid big problems later on. Apart from giving your AC a tune-up, make sure to follow some of the other tips above to stay cool all summer long.

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