How Is Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Important For HVAC?

Are you wondering why your HVAC system needs a custom sheet metal fabrication? Every ventilation or heating system is built with designed ductwork. The chances are that its materials are composed of sheet metals.

Sheet metal is essentially a metallic material that will be shaped through a fabrication process to become part of a structure. When it comes to an HVAC system, it is an excellent material for cooling and heating installations due to its ability to improve the ductwork design and performance. So, Hurliman Heating is a perfect example of a brand that uses it widely.

This article will tell you all that there is to know about sheet metal fabrication.

What is custom sheet metal fabrication?

Custom sheet metal fabrication is a complex procedure that transforms raw metals into metallic sheets. These sheets will be part of the HVAC ductwork and other system parts. Typically, the sheets are used because they are easy to install but at the same time add durability strength to the HVAC unit enabling it to withstand climate changes and endure high temperatures.

The fabrication process can turn the sheets into specific forms, shapes, structures, or products. Sheet metal production comprises the following procedures:

● Cutting

● Forming

● Joining (assembling)

Metal sheets are made into specific shapes during the forming process in various stages: stamping, bending and stretching. Then finally, the cutting process is done to ensure that the metal sheet takes the desired shape.

The cutting can be done through different means such as shearing, laser cutting, blanking, waterjet cutting, and even by plasma. The last part of the process is the joining done by procedures such as welding, brazing, riveting, and even the use of adhesives.

Advantages of custom sheet metal fabrication in HVAC units

Typically, an HVAC contractor works to create tailor-made systems for a home. Custom sheets allow them to design and develop solutions that can fit different scenarios. For example, they can design rectangular ductwork, roof curbs, spiral ductwork, and fittings.

When needing to customize a system to meet customer desires, sheet metal fabrications are a must. Since it is such a flexible material, it is the most used for HVAC system ductwork. Besides the possibility of customization, there are many other advantages to using custom sheet metal fabrication.

 Here are some of the best advantages:

● Save money

● Improved quality

● Ability to fit existing projects

● Reduce air leaks

● Easy Installation

● Better air volume and distribution

● Easy to manage

Since you are building a ductwork system with customized materials and thus tightly fit, it is resistant to air leaks. Reduced air leaks make the airflow more efficient, thus decreasing energy usage. Your energy bills will reflect the higher efficiency.

The system’s quality created with such material is much higher, making it durable over time and less inclined to break because of water damage or rust. In addition, if something does break, it is easier to replace a part without spending more money to replace entire zones.

In general, custom sheet metals are easy to install and replace, designed as wished through computers, and more durable and efficient. Therefore, besides the initial higher cost, there is hardly a downside to using them.


What metals can be used to create custom sheet metal fabrication?

These metal sheets are typically flat and thin. Through a fabrication process are transformed into becoming part of a structure or taking a specific form. The materials used can be:

● Steel

● Copper

● Bronze

● Brass

● Magnesium

● Tin

● Nickel

● Aluminum

● Titanium

The materials are chosen based on the purpose of the final product. To produce these metallic sheets, a highly specialized team of professional and advanced equipment such as computers is necessary for design and cutting precision.

What are the properties of sheet metals?

Sheets metals have properties that other materials do not have. For example, sheet metals have a very low weight to thickness ratio and are thus easy to carry and work with. That is why they are often used in construction, including HVAC systems.

Despite sheet metals being strong, they are also very malleable, allowing them to be formed and shaped as needed. In addition, it is a strong material that can deal with extreme temperatures. As a result, it is used for HVAC systems and industrial equipment such as ovens and washing machines.

Another advantage is that they can be repaired easily. Finally, these materials are also low-cost and easy to get despite all those good qualities. You can imagine that sheet metals are used in construction and many other industries for all these reasons.

You can see these materials employed in farming, shipping, aviation, medical, transport, catering, hospitality, and more. For example, your kitchen benchtop could use metal sheets and even home appliances.

How important is the ductwork in an HVAC system?

Although most people think that the essential part of a system is the actual furnace or air conditioner, the ductwork is likewise crucial. Contractors or professionals can only guarantee air ducts’ exact fit and sizing with custom sheets metals fabrications.

Suppose you do not have perfectly fit, sized, and installed air ducts. In that case, the chances are that you will experience discomfort and problems and never reach the maximum efficiency for the best prices.

 Suppose you are about to get a new HVAC system for your house. In that case, you should make sure that the contractor takes the installation of the ductwork exceptionally seriously. Sometimes those who provide an HVAC system can create metal fabrications in-house. If that is the case, they can faster and better help you customize the ductwork and the entire system.


A perfectly designed ductwork system properly fits. It is essential for an efficient HVAC unit and your wallet. On a more extended period, you can save a lot of money on utility bills and repairs and even have the entire system last longer. This is why sheet metal fabrications are vital if you want to achieve this purpose. 

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