How Much Does A New Furnace Installation Cost in Rogers, AR?

Are you looking for a new furnace in Rogers, AR? We understand that this can be intimidating since there are so many different factors to consider and expenses to budget for. 

However, by taking the time to research your options and develop a detailed plan of action, you can rest assured knowing you’re making an informed decision—and getting value for your hard-earned money. Are you trying to budget for your new furnace cost and installation costs? 

In this blog post, we’ll provide all the information you need to figure out the cost of a new furnace and installation in your home so that you can make the best decision possible.

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Factors affecting the cost of a new furnace and installation

Several factors will influence the price of a new furnace and installation etc. These factors include the following. 

The size of your home

This is the primary factor influencing the cost of a new furnace installation. Larger homes will require larger furnaces, which will be more expensive to purchase and install. Additionally, if your home has multiple stories, you may need to purchase multiple furnaces to heat it effectively.

The type of furnace you choose

Various types of furnaces are available on the market, and the type you choose will also impact the cost of your installation. 

For example, gas furnaces tend to be more expensive than electric furnaces at around $3,000 to $6,500, while an electric furnace is in the $800 to $1,500 range. However, gas furnaces are typically more efficient than electric furnaces, so they may save you money in the long run.

For Arkansas residents, natural gas furnaces are very cost-effective, requiring minimal maintenance and allowing you to save money on your monthly energy bills by producing more heat per BTU than electric models. With their easy installation process and reduced repair costs, natural gas furnaces are sure to be the best choice for most families in Arkansas looking for a reliable furnace that won’t break the bank.

The age of your home

If you live in an older home, it may not have been designed to accommodate a modern furnace. This means that you may need to make modifications to your home to install a new furnace, which can add to the project’s overall cost. Your new furnace and installation costs will be higher, especially if you do not have existing ductwork. 

The condition of your ductwork

Another factor that can impact the cost of furnace installation is the condition of your ductwork. If your ductwork is in good condition, it will likely be able to accommodate a new furnace without any issues. 

However, if your ductwork is in poor condition, it may need to be replaced or fixed before a new furnace can be installed. This can add significantly to the cost of the project. It will also cost a lot more if your home has no existing ductwork. 

The climate in your area

The climate in your area can also influence the cost of furnace installation. If you reside in an area with a mild climate, you may not need as powerful or energy-efficient a furnace as someone living in a colder one. This means that the cost of a furnace appropriate for your climate may be lower than that of a furnace needed for a colder climate.

Residents of Rogers, AR, need to consider their climate when choosing an HVAC unit. Summers in Rogers are typically hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the 70s to 90s and above, while winters are cold and dry, with temperatures ranging from the 30s to 60s. 

For this reason, a high-efficiency central air-conditioner is recommended for cooling during the warmer months, and at least a 90 percent high-efficiency furnace for heating during the cooler months. 

The availability of rebates or tax credits

In some cases, you may reduce the cost of your furnace installation by taking advantage of rebates or tax credits offered by local or federal governments. For example, many states offer tax credits for energy-efficient appliances, including furnaces. Additionally, utility companies sometimes offer rebates for customers who install energy-efficient furnaces.

How to get the best deal on a new furnace installation in Rogers, AR

When looking for a new furnace installation in Rogers, Arkansas, the key is to take the time to research and compare potential contractors before making a decision. 

First, get recommendations from family and friends who have recently installed furnaces in the area and look around online for customer reviews of local installers. Narrow down your list of potential contractors, and once you’ve done so, call at least three of them to get specifics on their services, pricing options, and warranties they offer. 

Take time to compare the different quotes you receive to ensure you get the best deal. It is ok to negotiate on price if needed. Ultimately, choose the contractor that offers a quality installation for a fair price and comes with positive referrals from other customers.

Conclusion – New furnace cost and installation in Rogers, AR 

So, if you need a new furnace in Rogers, AR, the average cost can range from $3,600 to $9,100 with installation. The price will depend on the brand and model of the furnace you choose as well as the complexity of the installation. To get the most accurate quote, it’s always best to call a local HVAC professional for an estimate. 

Be sure to ask about any promotions or discounts available to help lower the cost of your new furnace.

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