How Neon Lights Can Transform Your Wall

Decorating your apartment, studio, or home is more than just for the sole purpose of aesthetics, it is also an aspect where you can inject your personal styles and character so that you can have deeper emotional attachment to your space. One of the most decorated parts in your space is the wall. Most of the time, people choose to make it an accent through sticking a unique wallpaper, or people decide to hang some beautiful artworks or even personal memorabilias. However, today more and more people are getting more interested in transforming their walls through using neon lights as a home wall decor. Indeed, together with eccentric wallpaper prints and new-take on wall designs, neon lights can be an additional factor on your usual wall decor. 

Here are the ways how neon lights can transform your wall:

Neon Lights Can Brighten Up Your Wall and Space (While Saving Energy)

One of the most important things that your space should have is good lighting, and what is the best way to incorporate design and lighting but through the use of neon lights. Due to the unique properties of light in connection with the sense of the space itself, neon lights have the ability to transform your wall and your room, even if they are utilized in the most simplest of ways such as using it as a lining in the corners of your wall. In addition to that, neon lights are considered as low energy light emitting bulbs. A usual LED neon light only uses about 150 watts for power consumption. In addition to that, neon lights also do not emit any heat. Thus, compared to your traditional lights, they can help you save approximately 50 to 70 percent of energy expenditure, which make them more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and practically safe for indoor and outdoor use. 

Neon Lights Can Set The Mood Of Your Wall and Space

Having the right mood in all the corners of your home or studio is as vital as the decors you put in it. Good thing that neon lights are an effective decorative piece that are able to set the mood of your whole wall and space. With the right light, design, and color, neon lights attached to your wall can set the perfect emotions you want to convey. Neon lights is a medium that is almost alive which allows you to feel emotionally the presence of the art in your wall through just physically turning it on and off. 

Neon Lights Can Add A Wow Factor To Your Wall

If you do not want to have just a plain wall, utilizing neon signs or art as a form of wall decor will really give your wall more character and an out of the blue element of interest. Build your own neon sign is one of the non-traditional ways of adding some “it” and “wow” factor to your wall, which makes it more unique, fun, and quirky. If you are looking for something a little unorthodox to add some pop of bright and bold color to your room, neon lights might just be the answer to your search. With the right incorporation of wallpaper print and the furniture, your wall will sure stand out in your whole space. So next time that you have a formal and strict room, try placing a neon sign in your wall just to give it a nice, fun edge and uniqueness in the whole design.

Neon Lights Can Be A Focal Point Of Your Wall 

If you want to highlight your walls, then you can surely utilize some neon signs. Most people think that their neon art should only be a small accent in their whole space. However, unknown to many, neon lights can also work equally well if they are placed in the center of a wall. Moreover, it can be an aesthetically pleasing option if you use neon art in your wall and incorporate it with a more subtle design such as a more toned down wallpaper print. There are so many ways you can use neon arts as a focal point not only of your wall but also your whole space. Unlike using the more traditional ones such as paintings and pictures, it is surely a more fun and unique option to use neon lights as the focal point of your wall.

Neon Lights Can Add Some Personal Touch To Your Wall

One of the most important things your wall should have is to capture some sense of character and personal brand so that it can work to establish that feeling that you aim in your space. Neon lights is a statement of a lifestyle and a personal touch. Neon art can definitely speak for themselves. Hence, you want to utilize them in your wall so that when somebody comes into your space you give that good first impression of who you are by just simply looking at these wall lights. 

With their ability to be molded into different sizes and shapes and a wide range of color to choose from, you can surely utilize neon lights as a personalized wall art. You can use them to let your wall speak for your favorite book quote or movie line or even personal motto. With neon lights, you will surely hang some character on your wall. 

In conclusion, neon lights are a daring, universal declaration of your character and personal style that can be incorporated or accentuated to your wall and your space as a whole. With its striking glow, wide range of color to choose from, and connection to modern and nostalgic times, neon lights can surely make your space feel emotional and put together. 

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