How to Become A Handyman: A Novice’s Guide

How to Become A Handyman – Have you always had a knack for repairing things around the house? Do you love the process of taking things apart only to put them back together? Are you considered to be ‘handy’ when it comes to general home projects? If so, it may be time to think about how you can leverage that natural talent into a full-time career in the form of a handyman. While you may just be a novice right now, there’s no reason why you can’t transition into a full-fledged handyman business.

Here is a novice’s guide to becoming a handyman and following your natural calling and talent.

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What Kind of Services Will You Offer?

When people think of a handyman, they tend to picture a jack-of-all-trades type that can handle any small to medium job around the house. The thing is that some of these projects take specific skills and training, so they may not fit under that jack-of-all-trades umbrella. This is why it’s important to think about what services you will offer in your business.

Some of the services you may want to offer to customers include:

  • House maintenance
  • Home repairs services/basic repairs
  • Do-it-yourself projects
  • Basic construction projects

For those with the right training, you can also offer specialized services such as plumbing and electrical.

Take a Look at the Competition

As you try to figure out what services you will offer and the rates you will charge, it’s a good idea to take a look at the competition. What do they offer? What are they charging? How do they go about attracting customers? Who is their target customer? Is there a niche that isn’t being served? What regions/locations are they serving, and are there any areas that are under-served?

You’ll need to find a way for your business to stand out, so the more you learn about the competition, the easier it will be to find your unique features.

Make Sure You Look into Insurance

Any business owner will attest to just how important it is to get insurance before opening the doors. Insurance is meant to protect the business from the unexpected, which can sometimes end up costing a lot of money. For a new business, this could be devastating and even end up bankrupting your new venture.

As you search for fast handyman insurance, be sure to look for a policy that offers comprehensive and complete coverage of everything, including commercial auto, commercial property, general liability, tools and equipment and workers’ compensation.

Insurance is something you never think your business will need, but the reality is that accidents, injuries and issues can arise and should these happen, you’ll be grateful you have coverage.

Invest in All the Necessary Equipment

As a handyman, you will need a fair amount of tools and equipment to do all these different jobs. While you may have some tools, chances are you’ll need to invest in the business in terms of equipment. It’s also wise to go for professional-grade tools so that they will be durable and reliable.

Word of Mouth is a Powerful Tool

As you try to grow your business and build your customer base, one of the most effective marketing tools is word of mouth. You can encourage happy and satisfied customers to tell others about your services by offering an incentive. This can be such things as a discount, promotional rate, added services and so forth. You can offer it to the existing customer and anyone else they end up referring to you.

Stand Behind Your Work

Of course, the final tip is that you need to believe in your work and be willing to stand behind everything you do. Customers need to know that you will tackle projects correctly, efficiently and safely which means you guarantee the work you offer. At the same time, this means you don’t over-stretch yourself and take on too much work or too advanced of projects. This will only hurt your reputation.

Each of these tips will help you to transition from a novice to a professional handyman with a successful business. It will be a journey, and there will be obstacles along the way, but it’s how you weather those storms that will determine the company’s future and success – How to Become A Handyman

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