How to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency for Free

It isn’t uncommon for your energy bill to make up over half of all your utility expenses. This is true for residential homes and commercial establishments alike, especially when air conditioners run up the bills during Australian summers.

Energy consumption from air conditioning use tends to contribute the largest chunk of energy bills during warmer weather. Since summers are just around the corner, we’re sharing tips to help you bring down your energy expenses.

We will discuss a few simple, free ways to improve your air conditioner efficiency and help you get the most from your AC systems while reducing your energy expenses.

How to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency for Free

Here are some of the best and free methods you can use for air conditioning maintenance and improved efficiency. They will help keep your air conditioners healthy for longer and reduce your energy bills through the summer seasons.

Regularly Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is always exposed to the elements. Although designed to sustain dust and debris, the unit will work better and more efficiently when you clear it of dust and debris. While an occasional detailed cleaning of the outdoor unit is important for maintenance, you should let professionals handle this task.

A simple, free solution to hold up its integrity and keep it from requiring deep cleaning more often is to clear the dust, dirt, and debris around it. When functional, it creates a lot of wind, and this can cause the elements to clog or deter its working systems over time.

Keeping the surrounding area clean effectively delays the need for deep cleaning and increases your air conditioners efficiency during hot Australian summers.

Regularly Clean Indoor Vents/Filters to Maintain Steady Airflow

If you have a central air conditioning unit, vacuum any dust, dirt, or debris from the indoor supply vents. Similarly, clean the indoor unit’s filters at least once every 2-3 weeks, especially if you use split systems. These measures help maintain efficiency through steady airflow from your air conditioners.

It is also important that you do not block the supply vents or indoor unit vents with any obstructions, like plastics, fabrics, curtains, furniture, and small items.

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Increase the Thermostat by a Few Degrees

Typically, adjusting air conditioner temperatures by 1 or 2 degrees Celsius in summers can help save you plenty of energy, especially if you use your air conditioner regularly. The cooling is not very different, and you will still enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature with greater air conditioner efficiency.

Whether you use the remote of your split system or the thermostat of your central system, this is a simple and free trick that can save you a good amount on energy bills. You can also install a programmable thermostat to your central system that will adjust temperatures automatically during different times of the day and save you the effort of doing it manually.

Keep Heat Producing Items Away from the Thermostat/Space

If you use a central air conditioning unit, keeping heat-producing items or appliances like lamps near your thermostat will trick it into thinking that the air is warmer than it actually is. This heat will cause your air conditioning system to work overtime to increase cooling and run up your energy bill.

Similarly, if you use a split system, it is always best to turn off heat-producing items and appliances or be kept outside. Taking care in this regard will help improve the overall cooling efficiency. The unnecessary heat won’t affect cooling, and your air conditioner will need to work less to maintain the temperature.

Keep Curtains Closed During Daytime

The heat during Australian summers can be scorching to the extent of being cruel. Keep the curtains and blinds closed during the daytime when direct sunlight hits the windows of your premises or home; this is another simple and free way to prevent the sun’s heat from entering inside.

Closing curtains and blinds will keep internal temperatures less punishing and make it easier for your air conditioner to cool your space. The system will have to work less and consume less energy, making cooling more efficient.

Avoid Using Appliances During Hot Hours

If you avoid using appliances like dryers, ovens, and indoor freezer units during the hottest hours of the day, it can reduce your space’s internal temperature. 

Running these appliances produces warm air, causing your air conditioner to work harder to reduce the internal temperature. When you don’t use these appliances during hot hours, your air conditioner can work efficiently easily.


Air conditioners don’t come cheap, and you want to get the most out of them. By following these simple and free tips, you can make them function more efficiently and reduce your energy consumption and bills, especially during hot Australian summers.

Of course, you should always consult professionals like Sun City Air ( for the best advice regarding your specific air conditioning system’s maintenance and repairs.

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