How to Prepare Your Cooling System For the Upcoming Summer

One of the most important parts of staying comfortable in the summer is staying cool. Temperatures can rise to dramatic heights, and if your home doesn’t have a good way to stay cool, things can get very uncomfortable very fast.

While most homes are outfitted with an air conditioning system or unit, there are no guarantees that the system will work, especially if it hasn’t been used in a long time. Thankfully, you can ensure it is ready to keep you comfortable all summer long by preparing this unit. Keep reading to learn more about how to ensure your cooling system is ready for the summer.

Get it Inspected or Replaced

The first thing to do when preparing your system for summer is to have someone come out and inspect/maintain it. Most people are not equipped to inspect or maintain their HVAC system and may have a hard time knowing if something is working as it should or not.

Calling in a professional can check your system and make any changes needed to keep it in good shape. They can also identify and deal with small issues before they become large ones. Of course, there is always the chance that these experts will tell you that your system no longer functions, which would mean you need a replacement.

If you need a new one, consider an ac replacement by Mister Quik Home Services or another trusted professional, as you can trust someone with experience and great reviews to get the job done right.

Change the Filter

Changing out your air filter is another intelligent thing to do when preparing your cooling system for the upcoming summer. The filter in your HVAC system is responsible for keeping dust, dirt, and various other types of debris out of your system. It is a good idea to change it out often, but the frequency at which you do so depends.

Some filters can last three months, while others should be replaced monthly. If you have pets or children, you will often need to change the filter more frequently. If you leave it in longer than you should, it can reduce your indoor air quality and lead to your HVAC system working harder than it needs, which can hurt its longevity.

Check the Ducts

The ducts are a crucial part of the cooling system in many homes. They will help transport the cold air from the air conditioning unit to the various rooms of your home. If there are holes, gaps, or leaks anywhere in the duct, it will negatively impact your cooling efforts. 

Some cool air will escape the ducts through these gaps and essentially will be wasted. This means you will often need to run your system longer to reach your desired temperature, costing more money and often overworking the system. So be sure to check the ducts if you have access to them and seal or patch up any hole.

Keep Registers Open and Clear

Just like the ducts, the vents and registers you have in most rooms are critical for properly cooling your home. These are the entry points for this cold air to enter your rooms, and if they are blocked, cool air will have a much more challenging time getting around in your home. Many vents can be closed, so ensure that all of yours are open all around the home.

In addition to furniture, documents, piles of clothing, or other things blocking the vent’s exit, there could be a blockage somewhere in the duct that is contributing to the issue. If you believe something in your ducts is blocking airflow, consider reaching out to an expert who can take a look.

Test it Ahead of Time

Of course, to ensure your system is ready to go for the upcoming summer, it is a good idea to test it out ahead of time. You want to run it a few times and ensure it works without issue well before you need it. If you wait until an incredibly hot day to test it, and it doesn’t work, that is likely to be very uncomfortable.

You also want to make sure the thermostat works as expected. If you set it at a certain temperature, you want to ensure that the system recognizes your input and correctly sets your home’s temperature. Keep an eye out for any strange smells and scents that might be coming from the AC unit, as well.

We hope this article has been able to help you prepare your cooling system for the upcoming summer heat to ensure you can stay comfortable.

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