How To Select The Right Wooden Bench Legs?

Wooden furniture is always great to have in your home. It is available in modernized forms and antique designs. You can use it or buy different pieces to create your unique piece.

Besides the table or bench top, you need to think through the legs. It’s best to be cautious of its length, size and shape before opting for any. You can acquire high-quality wood bench legs made from durable materials like oak, maple, pine, etc., in different styles, such as traditional, modern, contemporary, etc. It is what supports the bench and thus needs to be strong enough not to break under any reasonable weight.

Choosing The Right Wooden Bench Support

Before purchasing a wood bench support, you should ensure its strength and price. Selecting the correct one is a tedious task. Therefore, you should always ensure that the required criteria are met before purchasing. All wooden furniture is generally priced higher than other types of furniture. Thus, buying the wrong wooden leg would not be of any use if you were to buy it.

The wood’s strength is determined by its hardness, and the scale to measure it is known as the Janka Hardness Test. Having too hard or soft wood is useless. Thus, you should choose a suitable middle-range material. Along with that, the type you also choose matters as one which causes fewer splinters would be better while working for your safety. If you plan to paint them, wood with closed or small-grained species is a good option.

Ideal Height And Size

Your table or bench’s purpose must be determined to know what size and height you need for your wood bench legs. If your furniture is under pressure and weight, it needs to be of the suitable size and the required height. Those table supports have the option of adjustment according to your needs.

Your height and size should be relevant to the pressure it would go through. If either of the legs is lacking or the legs’ height and dimensions are not up to the mark, it would be difficult for you to sit on the chair or for the bench to be stable and secure.


To accommodate different styles, needs, and demands, various shapes of wooden table legs are available. They have few features distinguishing them from each other. Some of the forms of wooden bench legs are listed below.


This type consists of symmetrical, usually two, connected to the ground and furniture. These can be commonly found and are not expensive. Depending on the material, the support piece can withstand decent weight but isn’t recommended for daily use, such as sitting and working.


This type is also known as a cabriole leg. It’s structured in a way that two curves give it a curved look along with the stability and aesthetic of the symmetric plane.


As the name suggests, this table leg is shaped like a D. These supporting pieces are the most suitable for any heavy work. These table legs can be found in armchairs, regular use sitting benches, and so on. But before ordering them, ensure they are compatible with the type of furniture you need.


This is a short antique-looking piece of wooden leg. It is made to give off a rusty finish. It is preferable for outside events rather than for everyday indoor use.


You can opt for any basic wooden support for everyday use. But if you go for a distinct look on your furniture, you should be careful with the material’s type, shape, and size. The wooden leg you choose would give the bench a final look, finish, sturdiness, stability, and durability.

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