How to Sell Real Estate in Torrevieja

Real estate for sale in Torrevieja is really diverse: studios, flats, and apartments. They are in the greatest demand among foreign nationals. Foreigners prefer to buy a villa or a house in Torrevieja for temporary and permanent residence. These housing types are popular in certain areas and urbanizations – for example, the southern part of the city in El Acequión – Los Naúfragos, as well as Los Balcones. Other real estate offers include residential complexes with underground parking and a swimming pool, where Europeans prefer to purchase a property, as well as many new buildings, for example, in Alegria.

In Torrevieja, one of the lowest prices for residential real estate on the Costa Blanca – for 40,000-50,000 euros, you can buy a studio. Two-bedroom apartments start from 60,000 euros, and prices for houses are 120,000-200,000 euros. Selling real estate in Torrevieja doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the correct strategies, you can boost your commissions and become a successful real estate agent.

Tips for selling a property in Torrevieja

Real estate in Torrevieja attracts the attention of both Spanish and foreign buyers. If you want to sell your property to one of them, you should consider the following tips to do so. There are proven methods that are guaranteed to help conclude a profitable deal. Therefore, let’s pay attention to the most effective ones.

Put things in order

This advice may seem obvious, but many underestimate the importance of the order. A situation filled with the seller’s personal belongings makes it difficult for a potential buyer to “connect” with the house. Instead, it sends a signal that this property belongs to someone else.
The minimalist interior and clean spaces make the property look more spacious and brighter. In addition, thanks to a “blank canvas”, it will be easier for a potential buyer to imagine himself as the owner of this house.

Make repairs

If looking at the property, a potential buyer realizes that he will have to make repairs after moving into the house, most likely, he will refuse this offer.
Having made such a big deal as buying a house, no one wants to spend money on the services of:

  • a plumber,
  • an electrician,
  • a builder,
  • a landscape designer.

In addition, when the seller does not want to fix these problems, it seems that the property hides many more pitfalls.

Prepare the documents right away

One of the most effective ways to speed up the process of selling a house is to prepare all the required documentation in advance. Of course, paperwork takes a lot of time and effort, but it is inevitable in matters such as real estate transactions.
A long sale process gives the buyer more time to view other offers and lose interest. In real estate, a good sale is a quick sale.

Use the help of professionals

Most potential buyers choosing real estate in Torrevieja or other cities in Spain turn to the help of intermediaries. Therefore, the best way to sell a property is to contact the appropriate organization. The third-party must be well-known in the local housing market and have a good reputation.

Assistance with choosing a property in Torrevieja

One of the largest and most reliable aggregators of Spanish real estate is Spain-Real Estate.

On the company’s official website, you can find a catalog with diverse housing offers – Sellers cooperating with Spain-Real.Estate find buyers as soon as possible.
The website has such advantages as a catalog with the best offers from the leading regions of Spain and a user-friendly interface with search by features and keywords. In addition, the company ensures the rapid development of technologies and communications and orientation to the needs and capabilities of customers.

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