How to Set up a Backyard Badminton Court

Badminton is a popular family sporting activity at leisure. It’s fun, easy, and recommendable for people of most age groups. Playing within the comfort of your home could be all you need to have that splendid picnic with relatives. And if you’d like to go pro, practising at your convenience will help develop your skills.

Whether you’d DIY or hire a contractor, you must know the step-by-step guide. So read on to learn how to build a badminton court in your backyard.

A Guide on How to Set up a Badminton Court

Would you love to play badminton with your family but have no idea how to stage the court? Follow the steps below.

Get Your Supplies

Purchasing the things you’ll need gets you started. Here is the list of some.

  • A 100-foot measuring tape
  • Hammer or hand maul
  • Lawnmower
  • Badminton net
  • Stakes
  • Duct tape or spray paint
  • Lamps

1. Select a Location

The size of your backyard will determine where you’d have the sports arena. For example, aside from length extension to side galleries, a standard badminton court is 44ft (3.4m) long and 20ft (6.1m) wide. However, if you have a small compound, you can make your construct’s dimension a minimum of 55.8ft x 26.4ft. That will help create sidewalks to minimize movements across the court during a game.

Another thing to note is the condition of the ground. Rocky or unlevel sports surfaces in Sydney will make bad sites. Clear the location to rid it of debris, twigs, and items that can hinder gameplay.

2. Square Out the Court’s Perimeter

Mark out the corners of the court using stakes. With your measuring tape, ensure the length and width are precise. Afterwards, outline the perimeter using a string supported by these poles. That will assist you in differentiating the rear boundaries for double and single games.

3. Draw the Lines

Here, The Lines should draw the exterior lines defining the length and breadth-first. Then, within those, spray out the side lines lengthwise. The horizontal front service lines follow, usually in front of the court and on both sides of the net. Next, sketch out the back service lines, which are horizontal and proximal to the boundaries. Lastly, divide the court in half as you finalize the layout.

4. Erect the Net

A typical taut badminton net has a 5-foot 1-inch height. But the saggy net reduces that to about 5-foot or lower. The manufacturer’s directive always suffices with net installation. First, assemble the bottom poles or stands. Ensure you get a brand that can withstand harsh weather and is strong.

Attach two strings to a side of one pole and hold it down. Please do the same for the second pole on the other side as you pin it to a firm stance. Then tie your net to each of the stands to complete this step.

5. Light Up Your Court

Use a lighting fixture bright enough for the space and side viewers. Duo bulbs of 150W will make perfect selections for this purpose. That way, you can play at night and have a lovely experience.

Setting up a badminton court isn’t a complex procedure. The information above is the basics you need to establish your dream domestic sporting arena.

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