Tips to Style Your Dining Room for the Most Joyful Family Time and Great Dining Experience

You might have gone through many “how to style a dining table” guides and must have set the dining table exquisitely for your daily meals. However, you would need to make some serious changes in case you want to host a family get together or a party. Don’t fret! We have got you covered on this one. Here are some exciting tips on how to style a dining table for the most enjoyable and cheerful family dinners. 

Let’s do some groundwork first. 

Move It – Create More Space

After all the procrastination, now that you are up for hosting the dinner party, it might turn out to be a great opportunity for you to declutter and enhance your space. 

As the first step, consider your space. If you have sufficient space in the dining room to accommodate some extra seating, you are good to go. However, if you think you might fall short of the space, you can also move your dining table to a wider area, like the living room, maybe. However, it’s an extreme step so you probably wouldn’t need it. Round glass table top is a perfect choice for small dining corners.

The best way is to declutter and make space in the dining area. Consider deep cleaning and move the extra stuff out of the dining room. You might also need to move some extra couch or chairs in the room to accommodate the guests. 

Pro-tip: Always have some extra seating arrangement in the dining room when hosting a family dinner or party. 

Warm Up the Floor With Some Fine Rugs – To Define the Space 

A rug encircling the dining table will add an instant feeling of excellence and elegance. For a dark wood dining table, choose a neutral rug or set the tone by creating high contrast. A crisp combination of bright and dull colors will give off a contemporary feel. 

Work on the Backdrop – To Create an Aesthetic Environment

An ordinary dining room with minimal decor can be enhanced effortlessly with an artistic backdrop. There are multiple things you can experiment with. A huge abstract painting, a giant gilded mirror, or multiple symmetrical mirrors hung in harmony with one another. You can also add a theme to the dining space by integrating culture-specific portraits or tapestry. Or give a touch of vintage with some retro designs to the room.

Pick a Statement Piece – To Create a Center Stage

You don’t have to go overboard. Use what you have. Just make sure to think innovatively and channel your creative spirit. 

Choose a statement element that adds the wow-factor and sets the serving stage. You can go for some bold-printed table cloth, a striking dinner set, or a vase with bright-colored flowers. Choose anything you want, just make sure to set the stage with it, and create the focal point. The inspiration piece can be different for different events.

Arrange the Cutlery – To Add a Creative Flair

Moving on to setting the cutlery. First, take those precious gems out of the covers. Dinner sets already have some patterns or designs on them. Even if you have plain crockery, play with the arrangement. 

First, layer your statement table runner and then go on with the arrangement of dishes. Mix and match your crockery sets to create an exquisite arrangement. Place the dinner plate first, layer it with salad or dessert plate and top the arrangement off with a fancy plate. Set up creative layers and flaunt your collection. 

Include Some Greenery – To Give Off a Refreshing Vibe

Table accessories play an important role in enhancing the look of a rectangle table top as well as other types of tabletop. A crystal vase or antique flower holder can create a view. Make sure to add some natural elements to the space to deliver a refreshing vibe. A bunch of flowers or a simple houseplant can do the job. 

Pro-tip: You can also place one fresh flower or a small bunch of flowers as greeters by each seat to make an everlasting impression. 

Light It Up – The Key to Level Up the Experience

Lighting affects the whole arrangement and sets the right mood for dining. Everything feels better when lit up in the right way. Choose the lighting type according to the vibe you want to deliver. Go for warm tones to give off a cozy feel and light tones to set up a cool breezy feel. 

A hanging lighting fixture adds a fancy feel and accentuates the interior so go for it. You can also add a fantasy dining feel by hanging some little fairy lights around the backdrop. Some candles, when added to the room, will set up the divine ambiance that no one would forget. 

Relax and Enjoy!

Hosting a family dinner or a party sounds so much fun and it becomes even more rewarding when everyone appreciates the setup. We hope you will find this guide helpful and after going through it, you will know how to style a dining table elegantly. Apart from the menu, the best way to create the ambiance and set the mood is by making some effort in arranging the dining area. Either you opt for an outdoor seating arrangement, or an intimate dining, make sure to channel your inner artist and get creative. Work with what you have and turn the ordinaries into your specialties. Add personality to your interior and make sure to enjoy the time with your family and friends. Bon Appétit!

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