How Traditional Candlesticks Can Add Some Style To A Modern Home

The modern homeowner produces a delightful array of unique interiors based on their own likes and dislikes – the typical picture of a modern home might be crisp white walls and plush furniture, but in reality, it’s anything but that. The design potential of a modern home is massive, and the humble candlestick can easily feature as a way of bringing natural, dim, soothing light to a room. The perfect placement of a candlestick can bring the gentle hue of light that bright artificial lights can’t provide. Below, we’ll look at how candlesticks can be the perfect addition, adding style effortlessly to the modern home. 

Finding The Perfect Design That Isn’t Dated

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The only issue – if you can call it an issue – is that candlesticks can look dated. Candlesticks can be elegant, classy, and a way of adding dimension and layers to a room, but they can also be a tad boring. But the eagle-eyed of you will notice that some modern silver candlesticks

 are eloquent of true class. The design you go for will depend on the room you’re planning on putting it in – a dining room table can afford to have a more traditional candlestick. More modern designs would be better suited to an ultramodern living room. 

Mixing Traditional With Modern

How do you mix the traditional with the modern? You meet halfway. The candle itself is just as essential as the candlestick, and many homeowners with an eye for modern interior design opt to swap the traditional candlestick with a vintage bottle of wine

There’s also the concept of making the candlestick the sole light source – perfect for those romantic dinner settings at the table. Multiple candlesticks in a row set the mood, dim the room, and there’s something really old-school yet modern about it. 

The Perfect Candlelight Placement

Making candlelights the sole light source is a wonderful idea, but the placement of the candlelight is essential. One candlelight on its own in the living room will illuminate nothing more than a spec in the corner of a room. Carefully place a collection of candlesticks, along with other candles of different shapes and sizes, and you could create the most inviting pocket of light in the home. This idea works specularly for a reading corner or a corner table in the living room. 

Research more about the Hygge and how they create pockets of light using candlelight. The winter months are perfect for this idea. There isn’t another light option that emits the same warm, soothing glow that makes you want to stay inside until the winter is over.

There is more to the simple candlestick than many people first think. It’s versatile, elegant, and easy to style in a modern home. There are tons of beautiful candlestick designs to suit any home following any style. 

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