How You Can Use Perspex Sheets to Upgrade Your Home 

There are some obvious uses for perspex sheets – like signage or screens – but there are some more unexpected ways you can use them in your home. Home DIY is having a moment, a hangover from the COVID pandemic where we all spend long hours at home and perspex sheets offer plenty of inexpensive, fun opportunities to get creative around the house. 

Perspex sheets are simply flat sheets of plastic that come in a variety of colours, tints and sizes, and can be custom-cut if you need. They are durable and versatile, with plenty of benefits including:

  • It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to handle.
  • It’s strong and durable, and won’t shatter when it breaks. 
  • It’s clearer than glass. 
  • It comes in a variety of shapes and thicknesses and can be easily and inexpensively customised. 

Use perspex sheets for furniture 

Even if you’re new to DIY, making furniture out of perspex sheets isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Perspex sheets are easy to install because they are lighter and hardier than glass. This makes them the perfect option if you’d like to use them as shelving.

Perspex sheets are more durable than glass, and so can make an attractive option for the top of a coffee or dining table, and are less expensive to replace if they are eventually scratched. 

Use perspex sheets for home decoration 

Perspex sheets are the perfect option for kitchen or bathroom splashbacks as they are less expensive than glass, and don’t require grout like tiles. 

This means perspex sheets are easily installed and require less cleaning once they are in – perfect! 

You could also fashion a wall light out of perspex sheets, using a simple light globe and a beautifully tinted sheet of perspex. 

There are lots of options if you’re considering making picture frames out of perspex sheets. You could replace glass in existing picture frames if it’s broken or missing. The perspex sheet will be lighter than glass, and far less likely to break. Your picture frame will also be lighter to mount on the wall. You can also make an entire frame out of perspex sheets, by placing a photo in between two sheets and fastening them together. 

While perspex sheets are often used for industrial signage because they are so durable and light, you could also make some signs for around your home or garden. Perspex sheets are UV stable, which means they are able to withstand being outside in the elements – you could make signs for your vegetable patch, or indoor signs for your children’s bedroom doors. 

Plastic Warehouse has a huge variety of tints, colours and sizes of perspex sheets and can help you find what you need for your project. If you’ve got the itch to start a DIY project with perspex sheets, get in touch with them today. 

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