Ideas to Turn Your Patio or Garden Into The Best Hang Out Spot

If you’re someone who is perpetually scrolling through home décor reals or flipping through interior design magazines, you’ve got a problem, and you should get help. But not today. Today, we’re going to enable you. Amongst all those reels and glossy pages, a part of the home is woefully neglected, and it’s probably neglected in your home too: the outdoors. Do you have a patio that is moulding away to nothing, or a lawn that resembles more of a jungle? Well, you’re probably not looking after it because you have nothing to be proud of. Consider adding a little “something something” to your garden to make it a place to stay, rather than a place to pass through to reach the house. What kind of something, you ask? Well, do we have a list of ideas for you. 

Add a pizza oven

If you’re an out and proud foodie, you can take that love out into the wilderness. But everyone nowadays has a barbecue. You’re not going to attract the neighbours with that, when McDonalds is now on DoorDash. If you want to think outside the box and be the talk of the town, indulge your Italian tastebuds and get yourself a pizza oven. A wood fired pizza oven from Ooni can offer you not only a statement piece for your home, but an all-in-one tool to cook large pizzas, the right way, roast meats, sear veggies and even make fresh bread. It cooks with wood, charcoal, or gas, to give your food the option of a little woodsman flavour.

Add a bar

But some of us prefer drinking to eating, which can also be indulged in the garden. If you remember the long days of lockdown, a lot of home bars were popping up in repurposed sheds across the world, and since then, bar trollies have been decorating homes to have that little corner to mix drinks a bit closer. We should bring back the garden bars. More and more of the population is becoming homebodies. Why wouldn’t that apply to bars too? Invite the guys and girls around to your DIY-built bar that can sit next to your patio as a great place to shake cocktails

Add a fire pit

But your guests looking for a pizza or a drink will need somewhere to sit and enjoy your company. To really kit out your garden space, you’ll need a seating set. And if you’re in a cooler part of the world, or simply someone who likes to sit out at all hours, you’ll want to invest in a fire pit. They come in a range of styles, so you can get something standalone and functional or decorative and artsy. You’ll get your money’s worth if it keeps you and your guests warm. Imagine spending a night listening to chirping crickets and the crackling flames with a good book and a hot chocolate and the fire pit keeping you warm. 

Kevin Darabont
I am a freelance writer who loves to craft, home decor improvement, and active DIYers. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the world and learn new things everyday.