A Beginners Guide to Indoor Plants You Can Use for Home Décor

Plants bring life into any indoor space when done right. They make an excellent part of interior décor for any room. However, the options are overwhelming if you are new to the indoor plants’ ideas. Indoor plants offer many options, from small cute plants, attractive succulents plants, and refreshing hanging plants.

When you think of using plants as part of your décor, there are plenty of ideas and things to consider. First, a suitable environment for the plants to thrive is necessary. For instance, summer heat can become too much for indoor plants. And you may need to engage AC Repair | Chills On Wheels Heating & Air Contractors, Inc to ensure your cooling and heating system functions well to create the right atmosphere for the plants. 

Also, consider picking spots with good natural lighting for healthy plants and appropriate flower containers to match the rest of your space. This guide will help you get started as a pro! Here are some of the best indoor plants for various environments and spaces.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Peace Lily Plant or Spathiphyllum: These are the best for newbies as they ‘communicate’ their needs through visual clues and are easy to look after. Watering Peace lilies once a week will suffice, and they will dramatically wilt if you forget or they need water. Once saturated, these plants spring back to life almost immediately. If treated to sufficient medium to bright but indirect light, Peace lilies will bless you with white blooms that are a sight to behold. However, they are still tolerant of low-light environments. 

Marble Queen Pothos: This is another easy houseplant to grow, displaying beautiful heart-shaped leaves and healthy vines that fill your plant space with love. The marble Queen Pothos are undemanding as they still thrive with little water and low light environments. It is a perfect choice for beginners yet to master diligent plant care or bustling plant lovers. This choice will add lushness to any room and break the monotony of décor. 

Best Plants for Small Spaces

African Violet Plant: The African Violet Plant will color your world with vibrant flowers throughout the year. One rule of the thumb in caring for these beauties is to avoid overwatering them. 

Snake Plant: These species come in wide varieties and astonishing patterns. It grows straight, making it ideal for small indoor spaces and rooms. Besides the beauty, snake plants have air purification qualities, making them a great choice. You will love them if you are forgetful or super busy as the plants are extremely drought tolerant.

Flowering Indoor Plants

Petite Orange Orchid: This orchid is characterized by leafy stems and will treat you with long-lasting flowers (up to 3 months). It thrives in warm, bright, and humid spots. If you wish to add a serene pop to your space, the Petite Orange Orchid is visually stunning, hence an excellent choice. 

Blooming Anthurium: This magical plant is in bloom throughout the year as the flower is a modified leaf. Blooming anthurium is beautiful, thanks to its dusky pink or red lipstick blooms. Use it as a centerpiece in the living room or as an entryway. You may also consider having it among your green collections for color pop.  

Low-Light Indoor Plants

ZZ or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is another survivor that defies odds like insufficient water and dry air and grows. This beauty is a perfect choice for people who live poor in poorly lit apartments or spaces but still have a sense of style. Whether you group it with other plants or have it alone, the ZZ will happily brighten your room with its cool rubbery leaves. It is ideal for the bathroom or kitchen.

Cast Iron: Also known by the scientific name Aspidistra Elatior is another beauty that thrives despite mistreatment or negligence. Cast iron handles lack light and long spells of thirst with grace and grit! They are hardly attacked by insects or diseases too. 

Indoor Plants for Clean Air

Parlor Palm: Parlor palms are known for their air-purifying qualities. Plant enthusiasts and experts tout it for the ability to clear chemicals (trichloroethylene and benzene) from furniture off-gassing. It is another low-maintenance species that requires water only once a week or two and is pet friendly for families with fur babies. 

Live Ivy Plant: Ivy plant tendrils grow at incredible speeds in the best conditions with high moisture levels. The plant will fast and furiously climb railings or walls and is an ego booster for a first-timer.


There is something about being in a space surrounded by greenery that makes things feel fresher and cleaner. The easiest house plants to grow for a beginner are pothos, snake plants, and English Ivy, among others. Indoor plants make perfect home decors and have immense benefits. While most plants thrive in light from windows and in-room temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, there are exceptions. Please search for the best conditions a particular plant requires and know where to place it. 

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