Seven Master Bathroom Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

A few years ago, bathrooms consisted of only a tub, a vanity, a commode and a linen cabinet. Not just that, it was all packed in a five-foot by eight-foot space. By the ’70s and ’80s, homeowners started adding second and third bathrooms to their homes. Slowly and steadily, the trend of having master bedrooms, walk-in closets, and luxurious bathrooms came in. 

Initially, showers could only be seen in high-end homes. But after a few years, builders and architects started constructing them for mid-range construction work. Further, the walk-in shower’s invention changed how bathrooms used to look. 

There are multiple benefits of a doorless bathroom too. First, it saves time which people spend on cleaning the door. Second, people who have problems with accessibility or easily trip over the bathroom rim will also be saved due to its curbless design. 

So, why not have one at home too? Here are some master bathroom doorless walk-in shower ideas that homeowners can look out for. 

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Seven Stylish Master Bathroom Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas for Homes:

Here are some stunning master bathroom doorless walk-in shower ideas that can make practically any home look and feel luxurious: 

Walk-in Bathroom With a Glass and Marble Divider:

If homeowners are interested in bifurcation between the shower and sink area, they can opt for a glass and marble divider. The upper part of the divider can have glass, and the lower part may consist of marble. This looks extremely classy and provides plenty of room for two people to clean up simultaneously. 

One can add some wooden cabinets with quartz countertops to amp up the beauty of the bathroom. These countertops look stylish and chic. There are a variety of colours and designs that homeowners can choose from. 

Black and White Bathroom With a Glass Separator:

For those who like to have proper separation in the washroom area, glass separators are the best. Well, it does not provide one with proper privacy, but it enhances the bathroom’s overall look. The black and white combination of tiles on the bathroom floors will work best in this type of shower. Choose a honeycomb texture for assembling them.  

Add two showers at each wall end in the showering area. On one end, one can have a sitting space for people to chill and sit down on it. It can also be changed into a sauna room in the future by adding this detail to the bathroom. Keep the other side open for people to take a shower while standing. 

Keep it Compact:

One thing that has not changed in so many years is the compact sizing of the bathrooms. 

People to this date prefer compact bathrooms rather than covering big-sized spaces. So this master bathroom doorless walk-in shower idea will easily fit in a small tub and a glass-covered walk-in shower.

All Black Walk-in Bathroom:

Black is the most in-demand colour when planning to renovate the kitchen. It looks extremely appealing and is perfect for creating a dark bathroom. Keep it minimal by only keeping the necessary utilities, i.e., a walk-in shower area that can be enclosed by glass walls and doors. 

One can have black-coloured cabinets with black quartz countertops on them. Then, to break the monotony, install a white-coloured sink on it. 

Mosaic Tile Bathroom:

Mosaic tiles have been extremely popular nowadays. Their appearance is quite elegant, and one can also add a few coloured tiles to give the bathroom some popping effect. Make sure to eliminate any division in this master bathroom shower without doors or doorless walk-in shower ideas. 

With this, one can have enough space in the bathroom area. Then, add some huge lighting bulbs to give a more shiny effect. 

Nook-Style Walk-in Shower:

Homeowners who like to keep things private can go for a nook-style bathroom. It gives the person a private space and separate space for having a shower and using other amenities. The shower part will be covered with walls on three sides.

One can use oak for making the vanity in the bathroom. Add a quartz countertop on the vanity, and a space dedicated to storing shower-related amenities is all set. 

Spacious Vault-Style Bathroom:

If one is fortunate with the luxury of having plenty of space, one should go for a vault-style bathroom. This type of bathroom also allows space for a drop-in tub in the middle. To give it a rustic look, homeowners can go for bricks that are broader in size. These types of bricks will exactly work with this bathroom. 

Additional Points to Keep in Mind:

Things to keep in mind while turning the master bathroom doorless walk-in shower ideas into reality are:

Be Smart with The Space:

Now that one has decided to build a walk-in shower, make sure to be smart enough with the space available. Of course, one would require plenty of space for building a spacious walk-in bathroom. So, choose a location that allows everything to fit in without hassle. 

Construction Cost:

There are various types of costs that are involved in building a walk-in shower. A lot of plumbing and rebuilding wall work is required for building a good quality doorless bathroom. So, homeowners should set aside enough funds to build the bathroom of their dreams. 


Make sure while making the walk-in shower that there is enough space for elders and children to enter and exit. Also, ensure that the entrance to the bathroom is far from the showering area. This is because as soon as somebody enters the bathroom won’t trip or fall because of the wet floor. 

Check Out Different Options:

Always check out different options while choosing the bathroom’s designs, interiors and hardware. Do not just stick to one. Instead, explore as many alternatives before making the final decision. 

Master Bedroom Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas — Conclusion

A neat and classy bathroom speaks a ton about its owners. In addition, by installing a walk-in bathroom, homeowners will be saved from most cleaning duties in the bathroom area and will also be appreciated by their guests. 

But before installing a walk-in bathroom, keep in mind some of the master bathroom doorless walk-in shower ideas mentioned above.

Good luck with your master bedroom remodelling adventures! 

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