Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Homemade Tableware

Different people look for different ways to express their styles and tastes in their homes. One unique way of achieving this is the use of homemade tableware, as opposed to mass-produced dinnerware from a store. However, when choosing and then buying handmade tableware, you need to consider some important things and avoid some common mistakes to find the best items for your table. This will ensure that everything will meet your expectations.

Homemade tableware defined

Tableware refers to serving pieces such as dishes, plates, bowls, and cups. Homemade means that they were crafted by hand, instead of being mass-produced. The owner can participate in their creation by helping make them in the first place or giving ideas to the potters as they craft them.

Some of the materials used to make handmade tableware include wood, clay, ceramic, and stainless steel. And to add a personal touch to these pieces, the crafters can use unique designs to adorn them.

Typically, handmade tableware is preferred by people who like to express a personal touch with their choice of tableware. They love having one-of-a-kind items made to the excellent standard of quality that is common with homemade dinnerware. While some people will invest in handmade tableware only for special occasions or showcase their creativity, others go for them for daily use.

Pitfalls to avoid when investing in homemade tableware

Because homemade tableware costs a significant amount of money or requires someone to invest a reasonable time to craft them, it is vital to avoid the following mistakes when acquiring it:

Getting the wrong sizes and shapes

Homemade tableware like that made at Supper Club comes in different shapes and sizes, and it’s upon the buyer or the craftsman to make them to choose the right sizes and shapes for their pieces.  The crucial thing to look for is whether the sizes and shapes of the handmade dinnerware will fit in the buyer’s dishwasher and storage spaces like cabinets, and shelves.

Not considering the material

The choice of material for homemade tableware is another vital consideration because some materials are not safe to use with food. Therefore, choose non-toxic or food-safe materials. Some of the materials you can pick include food-grade stainless steel, glazed ceramic, and glass. Also, some materials are not easy to clean or don’t have an appearance that will match your style, so consider these factors as you settle on the material for your handmade dinnerware.

Ignoring the designs

Because homemade tableware is a way to express one’s taste, style, and preference, you should choose a design that reflects all of these. As you place your order and inspect or take part in making the dinnerware, ensure the designs are exactly what you want to see on your table and will bring out your personality.

Overlooking the quality of the tableware

It is crucial not to focus on price and forget about the quality of the pieces. You should invest in high-quality homemade dinnerware that will last a long time even if it means you will need to dig deeper into your pockets. Also, check the quality of the tableware to avoid items with defects like rough edges, uneven glazing, or other flaws that could render the pieces unfit for use.


When choosing your homemade dinnerware, you need to avoid mistakes such as picking the wrong sizes, not considering the materials, ignoring the designs of the pieces, and focusing more on price than quality.

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