Natural Spring Water: Things You Must Know

Water is one of our basic needs in life. Two-thirds of our body is water. It keeps our organs functioning, removes toxins, and purifies our bodies. Drinking pure and clean water is vital for a healthy mind and body. But the source of pure water has become a thing of concern for us. Due to excessive pollution, we hardly have any drinkable water left. That is why the government takes strict measures to stop pollution. 

We have mainly three sources of water, the first one is natural spring water, the second is tap water, and the third is bottled water. Now, the question is, which source of water is safer and better for us? Research says numerous chemicals are added to bottled and tap water during the purification process. 

These chemicals do not affect our body immediately, but may cause serious health issues in the future. Pure bottled water is packed with chlorine, chemicals, antibacterial, and pharmaceutical elements. Tap water is no better. So, you are left with natural spring water.  

What is natural spring water?

We have been consuming natural spring water since the ancient past. In simple terms, natural spring water is raw water. It is underground water, which we collect as it flows naturally. This water is very pure when collected from a safe source. 

The natural filtration process keeps it rich in minerals. Well water, spring water, artesian water, and raw waterfall fall in this category. Though they are sourced differently, these carry healthy minerals and nutrients like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. 

What are the benefits of consuming natural spring water?

Natural spring water is the purest form of water. When you add this water to your diet, you get great benefits. Some of the advantages of consuming spring water are given below;

Full of nutrients

Natural spring water is packed with essential minerals and nutrients. When the water passes through the soil, it collects all these nutrients that are great for our health. You will not find these nutrients in tap or bottled water. Each mineral has several health benefits:

  • Magnesium

Magnesium aids our body in cellular energy production. Its deficiency also causes acidity issues. A balanced magnesium level manages our stress and anxiety. 

  • Potassium

Potassium maintains our blood pressure, muscle function, bone health, and heart health. 

  • Calcium

Calcium is essential for our bone density and bone growth. It also maintains our heartbeat and blood clotting. 

  • Sodium

Sodium falls among the essential electrolytes in our body. It holds the water in our body and maintains a balance.

So, when you consume natural spring water, you get all these rich minerals that can keep your body fit and healthy. If you don’t have any natural source near your house, you can opt for spring water delivery. Moreover, you can add it to your diet and stay fit.

It supplies oxygen to your cells

Our body is 80% water and 90% of our brain is water. It keeps all our organs healthy, hydrated, and functioning. Moreover, oxygen and food produce energy in our bodies. So, water and oxygen are two essential parts of our metabolism. Spring water has a high amount of oxygen and minerals. It keeps our body hydrated and heals our cells. 

Stops sugar and salt cravings

You can feel salt and sugar cravings for many reasons. But consuming a considerable amount of salt and sugar has negative consequences. Eating too much sugar can lead to heart attack, and sugar can also cause weight gain. Drinking natural spring water can keep you hydrated and remove all these cravings.

Balances pH levels

A good pH level is essential for a healthy life. Body pH levels can range from 1 to 14. When our body pH level is 7, it is the ideal condition. But, if you are too acidic, your pH level will be between 2 to 6. 

Cold drinks, soda, soft drinks, and energy drinks increase the acid level in our bodies and reduce our pH scale. Consuming natural spring water brings stability to our pH level by reducing our overly acidic system. 

Cure addictions

A study says natural spring water helped people suffering from alcohol, cocaine, or heroin addiction. Usually, these people avoid drinking water. When doctors made them drink natural spring water, their addiction level reduced significantly. It will also work for nicotine or caffeine addicts. Thus, a glass of natural spring water can change your whole life.


These are all the benefits of drinking natural spring water. Water keeps our body working, so we must use the purest and hygienic source. Natural spring water is easily available and free of cost, so everyone can use it. But make sure the natural source is safe and hygienic. All the health benefits you get after adding it to your diet are incredible. 

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