3 Phases of Post Construction Clean-up

Once you are near the end of construction, you’ll need to begin the post-construction clean-up. A project isn’t over until the final scuff mark is wiped and the property is ready for move-in. While you could do it yourself, you may not have the required equipment to get the job done correctly. Additionally, if you miss a critical step, you could put your client’s health and safety at risk. For this reason, most construction companies hire a professional cleaning company to do the job for them. 

What is a Post-Construction Clean?

A post-construction clean is a thorough cleaning of a building or renovation project. In the right hands, the entire process can take several days to over a week to complete, depending on the extent of the mess. If you don’t have the knowledge and equipment to clean the house properly, you’ll need to hire a professional.

There are several reasons why post-construction cleans are necessary. First, your client doesn’t want to walk into their newly built home and see dust, debris, and safety hazards. Additionally, when they turn on the HVAC system, toxic particles from construction may start circulating in the air, posing a risk to anyone inside the building. 

The Phases of a Post-Construction Clean-up

There are 3 phases of a post-construction clean, and the cleaner must carry them out thoroughly.

Phase 1: Rough Clean

The rough clean happens towards the end of the project after all electrical components, plumbing, and framing are installed. During this phase, the cleaners will pick up any large debris, unused materials, and trash. Disposing of these materials in self-dumping hoppers is recommended to save money and make the job easier. They won’t do a thorough cleaning since construction isn’t complete. However, the contractors can’t continue working if there is a bunch of junk lying around the worksite.

Phase 2: Final Clean

During the final clean of the property, the professionals will thoroughly clean all dust, dirt, and debris from the surfaces, cabinets, and air ducts. This phase happens after the project is finished and there is no other construction to be done. It is also the most prolonged and critical phase for the client’s safety because the cleaners need to ensure all toxic particles are removed from the home. 

Once everything on the inside is clean, they’ll remove any sticky goo from product stickers on windows, fixtures, and appliances. Then, they’ll power wash the exterior and leave the property alone for a few days so the dust can settle before moving onto the final phase. Finally, the contractors will do a final walkthrough to inspect their work between this point and the touch-up clean and make any last-minute repairs.

Phase 3: Touch-up Clean

Once the dust from phase 2 settles, the cleaners will do a final sweep of the house to ensure they didn’t miss anything. Additionally, they’ll clean any fingerprints or smudges on the surfaces from the final clean and inspection. During this stage, the professionals will also make sure all toxic particles have been entirely removed. Then, the property is officially ready for move-in!

Benefits of a Post-Construction Clean-up

Post-construction clean-ups are non-negotiable. While you may do them yourself, you may not have the proper training or equipment. So, it’s best to leave it to the pros. However, there are multiple benefits of a post-construction clean that many don’t realize when they try to do it themselves:

  • You’ll have a strong reputation for doing things right when the home is left clean and safe for the clients;
  • You won’t have to worry about client injuries due to harmful air particles or debris;
  • You can reduce the project timeline and your workload significantly.

Finding the Right Company

Finding the right construction cleaning company shouldn’t be too difficult. First, you’ll need to check their past work, ask for client testimonials, and ensure that they can work with your budget. Another great way to find a reliable cleaner is to ask other contractors for recommendations. Just make sure you’re doing your due diligence in researching each company you come across. If you hire someone posing like a pro, you will be putting your reputation on the line.


One of the most crucial steps of a project is the post-construction clean-up. When you underestimate its importance, you risk your clients’ health and safety along with your company. All it takes is one client to report an incorrect cleaning to make it harder for you to book new projects.

While there are only 3 phases to the post-construction clean, it can take several days to complete in capable hands. So if you choose to do it yourself, it can take much longer, which extends your timeline significantly. Therefore, do some research and hire a professional to avoid costly mistakes.

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