Power Washers vs Pressure Washers

Without a closer look, it’s difficult to differentiate between a power washer and a pressure washer, and one might think both are the same. However, if you give a closer glance, you’d notice a few differences between both washers, and that’s what this article is all about. So, what are the differences between pressure and power washer?

Difference Between Power and Pressure Washers

Before we go into other profound differences, we must first analyze the basics. What exactly are the power washers and pressure washers used for?

Pressure washers are small machines that use a high-speed motor to force water through a pipe or a nozzle at a turbulent rate. The water gushes out the pipe at a very high speed, thus the name “power washers.” They wash obstinate dirt from hard surfaces such as decking, driveways, etc.

Water gushing out from a pipe can be used for different cleaning purposes. For example, instead of using scrubs and brushes to wash off tough stains, power washers are more effective. Think about one of those tough stains that often happen—a gum stain on your sofa or a piece of cloth. A high-pressure power washing spray removes the gum stain in an instant.

Other cleaning instances you might need a power washer for include:

  • Stains on commercial and residential building surfaces such as homes or offices
  • Patios, driveways, Sidewalks, and stairway stains
  • Stains in Vehicles; cars, buses, trucks, and the rest

Pressure washing is a quick, cost-saving method of removing tough stains and cleaning your property daily. Different activities in the house lead to different types of stains—for example, oil stains in your kitchen, floor, etc. Therefore, one of the reasons you best need a power washer at home is always to keep your house and property in good condition.


A power washer is a machine used for cleaning, just like a pressure washer. But unlike the pressure washer, the power washer uses hot water moving at extreme velocity to wash away tough, complex, stubborn stains. In addition, the power washing has a heating system that boils water before ejecting it through the nozzle.

The only advantage the power washer has is its heated water. Heated water cleans better than unheated water, a known fact. If you’ve cleaned dishes with hot water, you’d understand how easy it can be.

Power washers are mostly preferred for cleaning jobs that deal with heavily stained surfaces. However, some surfaces cannot absorb hot water gushing at high speed without conceding few damages; hence you should be careful what surfaces you use a power washer on.

The advantage of pressure washers over power washers is that the former has less damaging capabilities. Well, stable hot water is usually dangerous. Think about how difficult it can be when gushing at high speed.

As a business owner, how do you get to deal with the possible damages that might occur from using power and pressure washers?

The best way to do this is to take out insurance. Washing insurance can protect you from the risks that occur during power washing. Every washing business should have insurance because of the risk involved.

  • Damage to customer or client’s property
  • Injuries incurred 
  • Damages if personal equipment 
  • Washing accidents

Get quotes from the insurance company on what coverage you require. Before taking insurance, you should analyze your business and evaluate the risks involved. 

For example, what are the highest forms of threats possible from using these machines? This would give you an idea of the level of insurance you need, including how much you’re willing to pay the insurance company daily.

Pressure Washing for Money

Pressure washing isn’t just easy as it seems. At Diamond Power Washers, we have a long list of processes we go through to pressure clean effectively. Most people think starting a pressure washing business is easy, quick and then get successful the next day.

If that’s what you heard, you probably need some orientation. The pressure washing business isn’t just about washing all the driveways in the neighborhood for $100 each. It’s way beyond that, and if you’re thinking about starting a pressure washing business soon, here’s what to expect and consider:

  • What experience do you have with pressure washing?

Have you ever held a power washer before and seen what happens? Did you hate cleaning afterward? Most probably. Pressure washing is tough, and that’s a fact. It requires lots of energy. So if you haven’t power washed before, you might want to reconsider.

  • What minimum requirements do you need to get started?

If you start out pressure washing yourself, you don’t need many requirements. Register your business to get started. Instead of registering your business as a sole proprietorship, many prefer an LLC registration costing between $200 to $700.

  • Buying pressure washing equipment 

Here’s another area that will eat most of your capital. However, this depends on whether you’re going for new or used machines. Used machines are your best option if you’re starting and don’t have enough start-up capital.

  • How will you get customers?

Getting customers is the most challenging aspect of any business. With pressure washing, you don’t need to search for customers forever. Instead, start by pressure washing in your neighborhood. If your services are good, more people will give their patronage.

  • What happens if you pressure wash and mistakenly break a window?

I bet many don’t even realize this is an everyday experience with pressure washing. Many pressure washers have insurance for those “moments of disaster” periods: accidents and injuries frequent pressure washing due to the nature of the job.

  • Learn to be a pro pressure washer

If you haven’t pressure washed before, maybe you need to get a pressure washing job before deciding to start your own business. You would need some experience in how to clean customers’ property and minimize damages that might occur. Also, you would need to enjoy the work. You have to learn that as well before starting your business. If you don’t enjoy pressure Washing, there’s no point doing it.

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