5 Practical Furnishing Suggestions for Your New Home

Purchasing a brand-new home, or moving out of an old one, is one of the most significant milestones we achieve in our lives, albeit a costly and stressful process. It can be a time filled with mixed emotions, such as joy because you’re relocating or sadness because you may have to leave your job or good friends behind. 

Not to mention relocating means a fresh start, new people, new locations, and arguably one of the most exciting parts of moving house new furniture. However, depending on the amount of furniture you already have access to, if you’re moving from one home to another, the idea of furnishing a brand-new house can be a stressful activity. 

You may be fretting about filling the copious amounts of space, the funds available to you after the house purchase, or moving it all from one place to another. Regardless of whether you’re beginning with nothing, moving into a smaller space, or upscaling, we’ve created this article detailing several practical furnishing suggestions for those moving in to a new home so that your relocation process is stress-free and to keep fewer mistakes from happening. 

Don’t Neglect Your Windows

It’s easy to forget things while you’re in the process of furnishing your new home, and windows can be one household area that is easily disregarded. Sometimes when you’re concentrating on filling a massive, empty space, it’s understandable how certain less-focal areas of your new abode could go unmissed by your decorative eye. 

It’s important not to neglect the windows of your new property and not just for cosmetic purposes but also to see if they are fit for purpose, especially if the property is of a certain age. Suppose you’ve relocated with your family and have small children? 

In that case, you should dedicate a reasonable amount of time checking the windows to make sure that tiny, meddling fingers do not easily open them and, if so, apply child-proof locks plus window-friendly alarm sensors to deter burglars. You may also want to consider investing in a pair of curtains, shutters, Venetian blinds, or patterned vertical blinds to keep the house temperature-controlled and protect you and your family’s privacy.

If you’re lacking inspiration, look at the product offerings from Lifestyle Blinds, which provide an innovative range of blinds in varying colors, styles, and sizes that are suitable for any decorative scheme. Peruse their website today for more information about their services and how their decorative window solutions could aid you in furnishing your new property. 

Ask Family And Friends For Assistance 

Furnishing an entire house is an arduous task, even more so if you’re doing so from scratch. Not to mention, it can be hard to shake the buying everything brand-new mentality. So, to make the process easier, we recommend asking friends and family members for assistance. 

You never know; they may have some spare articles of furniture lying around or something that they’ve been meaning to get rid of but never got round to doing. At the end of the day, so long as the item is in reasonable condition, it doesn’t matter if it’s not suited to your taste levels or if it doesn’t match your existing furniture because you can repurpose or sell it on afterward. 

It will be great to serve a purpose while you gather the necessary funds for the furniture on your wish list, then you can toss or donate it once you’ve finished. You could also use the items on sale at second-hand stores or fairs to take inspiration if you don’t find anything suitable for purchasing. Seeing things or similar ones in front of you can make it easier to envision inside your own home. 

Purchase Select Items Brand-New

This point may seem nonsensical since we’ve spent most of this article suggesting you source most of the furnishings for your new home second-hand. However, no matter how helpful purchasing second-hand can be, some purchases are worth purchasing brand-new and for which you should budget. 

Suppose that you scored a practically brand-new bed frame at a car boot sale? In that case, you’ll be needing a mattress to go with it, and since we spend roughly twenty-six years sleeping, it only makes sense to purchase a good quality mattress. Providing that you take proper care of it, your new mattress will last you for a good portion of your life. 

Most come with a generous manufacturer guarantee to protect you against unforeseen circumstances. This mentality also applies to sofas and kitchen accessories which can last you for most of your life and still usable if you relocate again further down the line. 

Don’t Buy Everything Brand New 

We’ve all heard the phrase one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which can be a handy mantra when it comes to furnishing your new home. Purchasing a house is already a pricey investment; the last thing you want to be doing is adding to your debt by buying every article of furniture brand-new, however tempting it may be. 

In this case, second-hand purchases can become your best friend even if you keep your finds until you’ve saved enough money to replace them with newer items. Whenever you find yourself shopping for furniture, endeavor to check charity shops, car boot sales, and flea markets first, as you’ll never know what you could find. 

You can find some absolute trash at second-hand resellers, but sometimes there are hidden gems amongst the unusable items, and you might find something good that will add character to your new space. You can source just about anything second-hand nowadays, from sofas and electronics to a pair of patterned vertical blinds, which makes second-hand items so desirable to new homeowners. Alternatively, you could also utilize online marketplaces such as Facebook, eBay, and others to find second-hand bargains and dispose of some of your own in the process!

Add Personality To Your New Space 

Our homes are reflections of ourselves and our personalities. Therefore, it is just as imperative to purchase characteristic furnishings such as household plants, art, and ornaments to buy essential furnishings. Adding character to your new space is a great way to express yourself and turn your new space into a place you can call home. 

Plus, art, objects, photos, or plants can help to fill any awkward spaces you may have on your walls, bookshelves, or little nooks. Not to mention, adding green elements into your home décor can provide you with many other benefits aside from being a talking point for guests! 

Plants help purify the air that we breathe by removing toxins and help to put us in a positive mindset for the day as our brains automatically associate the color green with nature and being outside, which boosts our mood. 

Likewise, adding art and other characteristic elements into your home can be mood-boosting; they don’t even have to be pricy artistic pieces either. You could consider framing a few of your favorite photos, enlarging them on canvas, or creating a hanging photo collage with string fairy lights. 

On the other hand, if you don’t fancy making the art yourself, you can find hundreds of unique art pieces in charity shops, flea markets, auctions. Or you could support local artists by purchasing pieces through web-based platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and Artplode. 

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